A bit posh: Peterborough United launch world’s most expensive season ticket


League One outfit Peterborough United have unveiled football’s most expensive season ticket – costing a wallet-denting £15,000.

A bit posh - Peterborough United launch world's most expensive season ticket

Peterborough United’s ‘Chairman’s Choice’ ticket for the 2011/12 season makes them the most expensive club to watch in the world.

But fans will not be watching their side lining up against the stars of Barcelona or Manchester United – as lowly Peterborough languish in the NPower League One.

Although fans are being asked to pay up to 10 times more than the likes of Real Madrid they get to eat as many pies as they like because the ticket entitles them to free food.

Peterborough became known as The Posh after the club which formerly owned their stadium demanded ‘posh players for a posh team’ in the 1920s.

There are 10 of the £15,000 tickets on sale which allow fans to sit in the directors’ box at the London Road stadium for every home game of the season.

A club spokesman said: ”We had some seats left in the director’s box so we decided to launch this ticket.

”It is a lot of money and we have no idea what the response will be like, but it’s something different so we hope people will go for it.”

Peterborough United fan Julie Harris, 34, said the £15,000 ticket would be ”worth every penny”.

She said: ”If I could afford it I’d definitely pay that much to watch them, it would be worth every penny.

”I’m sure there will be some rich fans who will grab the tickets.”

Peterborough United are currently fourth in the NPower League One, which is the third tier of English football.

If they get promoted to the Championship fans will be watching the likes of Ipswich Town and Leicester City, if not it’s another season of Leyton Orient and Yeovil Town.

The ticket price outstrips Premiership sides Arsenal, who are asking £1,825, Chelsea, £1,695, and Tottenham Hotspur £1,210, while Real Madrid charge £1,575.

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson’s son Darren is the current team coach and famous ex-players include England’s goalie David Seaman.

The season tickets go on sale on Monday, March 7.

With the ticket comes the title ‘honorary director’ and guarantees a personal meeting with the entire first-team squad.

The Posh are also offering a 50 lifetime season tickets for £12,000 which can be passed down to family members.


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