Some of the items purchased by Samuel Rae , who has been a postal scam victim. He has severe dementia and he has lost £35,000 because of the scams. 01/09/2015 See SWNS story SWSCAM; A retired Army colonel and dementia sufferer was targeted by fraudsters who conned him out of £35,000 – after he failed to tick one box when filling out a survey. Samuel Rae, 87, was targeted by the fraudsters after he filled out a survey for a charity he supported, but failed to tick a box stating that he did not want his details shared. He was contacted over 700 times by 12 different firms, some of which tried to convince him he has won vast sums of money in prizes. In total Mr Rae was conned out of £35,000, and the scam only came to an end when his son, Chris Rae, visited him to find his home filled with hundreds of scam letters.

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