7 Revolutionary Tech Gadgets for Smart Home Enthusiasts


From the beginning, man has been engaged in a continuous race to improve the quality of his life. Since the appearance of the first tools to the creation of the wheel and, fast forward, to the invention called the “Internet”, one thing was certain: mankind seems to have the ultimate goal of reaching the maximum level of comfort.

Smart homes have become the reality of modern man. With the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes have evolved from concept to an actual set of gadgets that make our lives easier and safer.

Since smart homes and devices will become a reality for future years, it is mandatory to understand the advantages and downsides provided by this technology.

How Does a Smart Home Work?

A smart home has a central system. Users control the high-tech equipment (electronics, home appliances, heating and security systems, etc.) through Internet and apps, or via touch switches.

Unlike regular devices, using automated systems saves time, energy and money. For example, monthly bills can drop by 30% if one installs a heat or power regulation system. In addition, most smart gadgets enter in an energy-saving mode if left unused for a certain number of hours.

Smart Home Innovations

Every year, the number and complexity of smart home gadgets evolve steadily, taking care of a big part of our daily activities. The touch of technology can transform even the most common home appliances into indispensable smart gadgets.   

1. Smart coffee machines for pleasant mornings.

Drinking coffee is an important morning ritual for most of people. The level of comfort a smart system offers, in this case, is beyond imagination. You can set a smart coffee machine to prepare your drink at a certain time in the morning.

With the help of a phone app, you can also introduce multiple algorithms for your routine. For example, lifting blinds, while your favorite song turns on automatically, will make each beginning of day more pleasant.

2. Wireless sockets for increased comfort.

Designed for a modern lifestyle, the wireless socket is configured and controlled through a smartphone or tablet. Once this smart gadget turns on, you will receive email notifications about the status of your electronics. Any home appliance connected to this plug switches on or off through a smartphone-performed command.

A smart socket monitors energy consumption, both historically and in real time, which gives good management of energy resources. In the event of any malfunction or short-circuit, one can easily switch off the smart socket from distance; therefore, avoiding a hazardous situation.

3. High-tech mirrors for customized beauty treatments.

With evolving technology, diamonds will no longer be girls’ best friends. Women are switching towards digital solutions that will help them stay young forever. Here, the connected mirrors become an indispensable accessory from a lady’s bathroom.

This smart device acts as a body scanner focusing on your face. Most of these are able to detect any skin imperfection, from deep wrinkles and dark circles to freckles, with just one scan.

Additionally, some brands offer customized solutions meant to treat detected skin conditions.  Each member of the family can create their own profile to relate more easily to the history of their skin treatment evolution.

4. Toilets with smart components.

Technology progression makes it possible to experience comfort literally everywhere. Who would have believed that even toilets would catch the inventors’ attention? A smart toilet is a fixed receptacle upgraded to the new requirements of smart home technology.

Some of the best smart toilets include heating or massage systems, bidet attachment, night light and music, all these controlled via a smartphone app.

One can set the smart gadget to lift up the lid, heat the seat or turn on the night light each time someone enters the bathroom. Moreover, through the mobile app, water and electricity consumption can be monitored.

Smart toilets are those bathroom devices that go beyond the purpose of regular toilets, ensuring not only comfort but also a superior hygienic condition. Besides the above-mentioned features, some models release cleaning water sprays which are healthier in comparison to using toilet paper.

Most of these types of toilets have a surface that does not accumulate sediment of organic origin. Therefore, unlike regular toilets, these do not require constant care and cleaning. Their shape not only ensures the convenience of use, but it also imposes a certain luxurious style on the other elements of the bathroom.

5. Effortless housework with robot vacuum cleaners.

Robot vacuum cleaners are today smarter than ever. With integrated navigation systems and shapes, which allow access in the most hidden corners, smart vacuum cleaners save precious time for its users. Since these cleaners receive commands through an app, they do not necessarily require your presence.

And if the use of a vacuum cleaner is not enough for a clean house, one can always opt for smart mops. These are smaller in size but they can effortlessly come in handy for large dirty floors.

6. Outdoor innovation for easy lawn maintenance.

Many people postpone lawn maintenance due to lack of time. But if it is possible to mow the lawn and water the plants from a distance? Well, today’s technology allows these. Smart lawn mowers lawn come with options like setting a particular perimeter or certain user-preferred patterns alongside remote control.

Garden irrigation systems can cover large areas. Moreover, they come with weather sensors, and if they are raining outside, they stop automatically.

7. Smart home entertainment systems.

The smart home entertainment systems are raising the bar when it comes to performance. These new audio-video devices can play different room-based, weekday-style songs. Some of the smart audio systems have the ability to determine room acoustics and synchronizes the music genre with the outdoor weather to create an appropriate atmosphere.

Furthermore, smart home cinema systems can sync with other smart devices to create the perfect ambiance when watching a movie. Once the projector switches on, the blinds switch off automatically and a pleasant temperature is set.

Downsides of Smart Gadgets

From a financial point of view, these dream gadgets require a high budget. Especially when you choose to automate all the electronics and appliances in your house.

On the other hand, some specialist raised warnings related to health problems of smart devices-owners. The integrated tech gadgets release high electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation. Studies proved that this radiation leads to health problems. Sleep preservation, heart diseases, and urinary tract infections are among frequently met health conditions.

Final Thoughts

Despite the many benefits that smart devices offer, certain downsides also exist. Besides the high financial costs involved, specialists draw attention also on health concerns.

Smart homes and gadgets are not easily accessible at present. But the rising interest will favor, in the upcoming years, diversification in the range of smart products. Nonetheless, this will couple with a significant drop in prices.


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