6ft 8ins pub boss is so tall punters can’t see his face when he serves them

6ft 8ins pub Mark Davey
6ft 8ins pub Mark Davey
6ft 8ins pub Mark Davey

A towering pub boss believed to be Britain’s tallest bar manager is giving customers neck-ache at a local boozer – because they can’t see his face when he serves them.

Mark Davey, who is 6ft 8ins tall, has just taken over the reigns of The Nag’s Head pub in York and is giving regulars something to chuckle about.


When the new pub boss serves customers all they can see is mark’s body and a floating beverage – as Mark is so tall a high shelf blocks out punters seeing his head.

Lanky Mark is forced to stoop over so that customers can see him to hand over their change and drinks.


Mark, of York, jokingly said: “I was enjoying being in the city – but regular customers here are making a joke about my height.

“That’s all they do – they all take the Mick whenever I bang my head on things.”

Mark has previously run pubs across Yorkshire and has worked for Timothy Taylor’s, including Wetherby, Thirsk and Keighley.


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