6 essential Purell products for the workplace


Hygiene and cleanliness are vital to the health and wellbeing of any workplace. Whether you have a large open office or you work from home, the basic principles of keeping your workplace clean still apply. Obviously, cleanliness and hygiene might be considered more important in hospitals and food preparation areas, but it’s actually good practice for any organisation to make sure they create a safe and comfortable workplace for all their employees, whether they work in the office or on the move.

A pleasant environment

Happy employees are healthy employees with higher levels of productivity. The easiest way to create a workplace environment that everyone wants to be part of is to keep it clean. For example, making sure the windows are cleaned regularly lets natural light flood in and regularly emptying wastebaskets keeps the office looking tidy.

Giving desks and food preparation areas a clean with Purell’s Hand & Surface Sanitising Wipes will kill 99.99% of all germs, and leave hands and surfaces fragranced with a fresh menthol scent. Large wipes are easily dispensed from a pack or canister for a smart solution to hygiene on the go for the busy workplace.

First impressions count

A workplace that pays attention to hygiene and cleanliness creates a strong first impression. Remember, bad news about less than sparkling washrooms can travel fast and reflect badly on your company’s core values. It’s difficult to convince a client that you can meet their expectations and deliver on time when your workplace is dirty and unhygienic.

A quick and easy way to deliver hygiene for high traffic areas is to install the GOJO hand sanitiser system in washrooms, food preparation areas and break out spaces. High quality and robust, with an innovative design that makes recycling easy, a Purell GOJO ADX dispensing system used with Purell’s Advanced Skin Nourishing Instant Hand Sanitizer Foam – designed to lock out germs and be totally biodegradable while leaving your skin in optimal condition – it lets your customers know you care.

Keep your workforce healthier

Preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses is paramount when you work in health or food preparation but why leave any workplace unprotected? Implementing proper hygiene means your employees will be healthier and you’ll lose fewer days to absenteeism which costs the economy millions every year. If you’re worried about the cost of investing in workplace hygiene, then balance out the upfront costs of lost productivity and you’ll soon see why the investment is worth it.

Encourage your workforce to use Purell Antiviral Hygienic Hand Rub in addition to hand washing. This is the brand of hand gel the NHS trust because it kills 99.99% of germs and helps prevent the spread of infection not just in hospitals but also in offices, food preparation and manufacturing environments. It’s so easy to use, too – drying in just 15 seconds and leaving hands feeling superbly moisturised. If alcohol-based products are not suitable for your office environment then try Purell’s Sterizar Alcohol-Free Gel that remains effective for up to six hours after use.

Don’t take cleanliness for granted

Just because your workplace looks clean and tidy doesn’t mean that it’s germ-free. Workstations can be a breeding ground for bacteria that can be transmitted to other handheld gadgets and then taken into the home. Keep office gadgets germ free with Purell’s Sterizar Alcohol-Free Hand and Gadget Sanitiser Wipes. One wipe and office gadgets are protected for up to six hours and hands are left feeling fresh and clean. Handy for sanitising keyboards, tablets and mobile phones, why not make sure every employee has access to a packet to stop office germs dead in their tracks.

To recap, here’s our choice of those six essential Purell products for a cleaner and more hygienic office:

• Purell Hand & Surface Sanitising Wipes
• Purell GOJO ADX dispensing system
• Purell Advanced Skin Nourishing Instant Hand Sanitizer Foam
• Purell Antiviral Hygienic Hand Rub
• Purell Sterizar Alcohol-Free Gel
• Purell Sterizar Alcohol-Free Hand and Gadget Sanitiser Wipes


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