6 Best Practices To Strengthen Email Security In Your Organization


Nowadays the newspapers are flooded with cyber-attacks news. We have all heard about eBay accounts having been hacked, as well as many international banks are also being the victims of cyber-attacks, etc. But electronic mails are the most popular communication medium from the initial days of digitalization even in this present era. 

Email is a very helpful tool for an individual as well as for the organization to the whole. All the necessary communications in a company can be done through emails. It has numerous benefits for emails- no need for in-person meets; so, the timing of conversation will be flexible and comfortable for everyone.  

So, the security of the email account is immensely important to every individual. Here in this article, we are going to describe 5 fantastic ways to secure your mailing account properly. 

Use an Effective Antivirus

Malware is the major problem and a threat to the modern digital communication. All of your private data transmitted through electronic mailing is at stake if you are not using an effective antivirus plan. Hackers are very much active all around the globe nowadays, so it is better to take preventive measures in the first hand.

In an organization, an infinite number of important documents and information are shared over the internet every day, mostly by email. So, the privacy of email services should be the prime priority of the authority. Many antivirus programs are available nowadays in the market. You can avail one as per your choice and requirement.

Use Private Email Secure Providers

If you need to be ultra-confident about the authenticity of the received message, then go for the private email security providers. They give 100% authenticity and protection to your emails.

EPRIVO is one of the most secure email security providers and the only one where there is a separation of the security role from the role of a storage provider. It does not store your emails keeping security and email provider separate, which avoids any sort of conflicts of interest. It relies on your email providers but pioneers physical security, avoiding vulnerabilities with digital security alone.

The services provided are much more than just encrypted emails. EPRIVO is the only private email account service that secures your existing email address and adds a number of privacy controls that a sender can use with each email sent. EPRIVO also supports voice emails.

Using Secure Passwords

Passwords are the entry point to your account. If anyone can guess the password you use, your privacy is gone at that very moment. So, one must be very careful about the passwords, it is always best to use alphanumeric passwords. After 2017 the stealing of credentials through electronic media has gone up to 70%, most of them are regarding email accounts. So it is adviced by the eminent internet security experts that the passwords must be strong so that the account can be protected at the initial stage.

It is the basic step towards establishing an unbreachable Email Account. There are some introductory steps that you must remember while creating the passcode-

  • You must include capital and small letters along with special characters and numbers in your password. It will increase the strength of your employed passcode.
  • Don’t use a common word in the password.
  • Don’t ever use the name of our family, friends, or loved ones.

These are too easily predictable for hackers. So, it is critical to avoid them when choosing your password. In this dangerous era of cyber offenses and phishing, frequent cyber-awareness training is very helpful.

Use Data Encryption

Encryption can be used in every field of internet usage. If the emails are not completely secured by a password, you may keep them encrypted. Some organizations enforce two-factor authentication in their internet system. Using a resistant passcode is the preliminary step of encryption, but after that, you should enforce the S/MIME protocol in the machines. It is a certificate that expresses data security enforcement in your system.

It is a long procedure and requires a separate manual installation for each and every system of your company. But engaging a strong data encryption certificate will provide you the assurance of ultimate data security. This protocol has been proved to be the best option for securing your email account from illegal phishing. You can share all the important documents safely through the emails.

Email Blacklists

Email accounts have an option for blocking unknown contacts. You can block unwanted email contacts from your account just like we used to do on our phone. The emails from blocked and reported sender accounts will be saved in the spam section of your mailing account. With that, we can keep track of the upcoming mails.

If we can restrict the unknown messages and keep them as blocked, then the risk data stealth will be decreased a lot. If you are accessing a bunch of important data daily, you should hold back the unknown senders in the blocks. Thus, you can be aware of that type of email, and your mail account will be secured.

Cyber Awareness Exercise

In this dangerous era of cyber offenses and phishing, frequent cyber awareness training will be a lot helpful. You cannot ignore the requirement of this type of exercise. Sometimes key personnel of an organization do not have the time to look into this cybersecurity matter, but it must be made mandatory for top-ranked employees at the minimum, as their accounts are often targeted by hackers. The main motto of any cyber awareness program is:

  • Make the employees aware of email security.
  • Introduce them with the basic security protocols.
  • Alert the IT team of the organization on any slightest doubt of security breach. 

The training can be computer-based or an offline one, whichever the situation prefers. The following things are instructed to the employees of the organization so that the internal privacy regarding the information of the company can be retained.

These are the 5 basic steps that can be imposed on an organization so that strong email security can be enabled in the company. The more you work with cybersecurity, the more facts you will know.