5 Tips for your Bath Time


Tired from work? Looking for the best way to unwind? A relaxing bath will surely offer the perfect solution. But, how exactly can you make bath time more relaxing? Read on and learn from some of the things that we will recommend.


Light it Up

The lighting in the bathroom will be critical in giving it a more relaxing mood. Using low or dim lights will help your body to wind down. If the light is too aggressive, it will fail to establish a serene environment. With this, installing a dimmer will help to customize the amount of light in the room. Using thick curtains will also help if you have a huge window that lets natural light in during the day.

Using the best Bath and Body Works candles will also work. These candles can create a soft relaxing light to alter the mood. Turn off the lights or set it to the lowest setting and enjoy your time in the tub. It creates a darker environment that causes lesser eye strain.

To make it even more relaxing, do not just choose any candle. Instead, opt for scented candles. Adding a relaxing smell will make the place calmer. Some of the best scents that you might want to consider include bergamot, lavender, and jasmine. You can also experiment with a combination of different scents. If you are taking a bath at night, look for scents that can help to easily put you into sleep.


Add Music

Music is therapeutic. According to Psychology Today, music is directly linked to mood. Although individual personalities will vary, music can make you happy, sad, or relaxed. With this, the key to adding music in the bathroom is to make sure that you choose the right songs to play. Avoid up-tempo beats. Choose slow songs, ambient electronic, soft jazz, classics, or even instrumentals. Play the music at a low volume and accompany it with dim lights. This is surely a great way to transform an ordinary space into a high-end spa.

However, you have to be careful when listening to music because electricity and water are two things that do not go well together. Look for professionals who can install built-in speakers. If you are looking for a more practical alternative, however, it would be best to buy a shower-safe speaker with Bluetooth connectivity. This will allow you to control the music directly from the speaker and not from your phone. This way, you can relax without worrying about getting electrocuted.


Add Elements of Nature

The interior design of the bathroom will also have a critical role to play in inducing a more relaxing time when you are in the shower. With this, it is best to incorporate elements of nature. One of the best ways to do this is to add plants. They will not only provide a pop of color, but they will also be great in getting rid of impurities to improve indoor air quality. Some of the best indoor plants to have in the bathroom include golden pothos, orchids, spider plant, aloe vera, and bamboo. They are known to thrive well in an indoor environment.

If you do not like the idea of bringing plants in, at least, have the décor inspired by nature. For instance, choose green as the main color palette. You can even have a mural that depicts images of plants. Using natural materials will also be great. Recycled wood, for instance, will make it aesthetically-pleasing and relaxing.


Use Essential Oils

Essential oils have endless uses, including making the bath time more relaxing. While this will work, you have to do your research first, especially if you have sensitive skin. Some people who have used essential oils in their bath ended up with red and irritated skin, which is surely a situation you would not want to experience. With this, one of the most important tips is the proper dilution of the oil. You need to combine it with a carrier oil.  Using an emulsifier will also be an effective solution to prevent the possibility of irritation for those with sensitive skin.

The effect will depend on the specific essential oil that will be chosen, so you have to be wary about what you use. A combination of lavender and bergamot will be relaxing. If you want to clear your mind, try lemon and rosemary. For calming, rose, lavender, and geranium essential oils will be great. For stress relief, try clove, lemon, cedarwood, and orange. Nonetheless, there are also some essential oils that you have to avoid, which include thyme, bay, clove, cinnamon, and oregano. They can cause an irritation not only on the skin but even the mucuous membrane.


Choose the Right Color

If you want every bath to be relaxing, start with one of the most important design elements of the bathroom – color. Not all colors will work if you want to set a more tranquil mood. You do not have to use only a single solid color. A combination of different colors will work. As much as possible, avoid those that are too bright since they attract energy to the place, and hence, may make the bathroom feel lively instead of relaxing.

One of the best color schemes for a relaxing bathroom includes a combination of beige, chocolate, and creamy white. They blend seamlessly while adding a subtle hint of elegance. Light blue, gray, and white will also be excellent combinations if you want it a bit brighter while still being peaceful. Vintage wood colors will also be great, which will make you feel like you are relaxing in a cabin or lodge. Mint green and daisy white are also great combinations. Different tones of gray will also work.

Make bath time something that you will look forward to! With the tips that have been mentioned above, it will be easier to make your bath time more relaxing! You do not have to go to an expensive spa to unwind!


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