5 often forgotten Removal Tips from Richardson’s Removals


richardsonBased in the North East of England, but having operated internationally since 1946, it’s safe to say that we’ve helped more than our fair share of people moving in and out of properties of all different shapes and sizes.

This means that we have experienced first-hand some of the mistakes, oversights and mishaps that a house move can bring. Armed with this information we give you five of our most important, but often forgotten tips. We share this information with the aim of helping you achieve a seamless move and a peaceful settling in period.
It’s vital that you continue to receive all of your post at your new address. Not only will a redirect prevent you missing any post and important documents, a redirection will help prevent your personal details falling into the wrong hands, reducing the subsequent risk of fraud relating to your sensitive information.

You can redirect your mail to any UK or international address for £31.99 per surname. To set up a redirection you will need to record the names and dates of birth of everyone in the household, you will also need to issue the address and postcode of both your old and new address. It’s important to remember that Royal Mail need at least 5 working days to arrange a redirection. You can set up your redirection on the Royal Mail website, here.

Your new house could be pretty disgusting when you move in, alternatively it could be perfectly clean, but just feeling and smelling like somebody else’s house. To help you feel like your new house is your home, we recommend putting some time aside to either have the house cleaned professionally, or if money is tight, for you to give everything a good clean and hoover.

registerIt’s been quite difficult to escape politics and referendums this year so far, and although it is tempting sliding off the electoral role. It’s important to ensure that you are registered and eligible to vote. It’s the only way to guarantee you have a say in who represents you at both a local and national level.

Another reason to be responsible and to ensure you are registered is the fact that being on the electoral role improves your credit score. Credit agencies scan the register to confirm your address to counter fraud.

The current registration process now requires that each individual registers themselves. You can register to vote here.

voteDon’t stick to the old homeowner’s energy suppliers. Those who find themselves on energy providers standard tariffs when moving in can easily switch and save £100’s a year. There are a lot of price comparison websites, which allow you to easily find the right deal. Some of these deals even give you cashback for switching!

It is also worth taking meter readings as soon as you move in, ensuring you do not get billed for the previous owners electricity use.

To make your life easier in the both long and short term, we’ve listed some questions it is well worth asking the previous homeowner.

  • where are the gas & electricity meters?
    ● Where is the main stopcock?
    ● When are the bins collected?
    ● Are there any warranties for electrical products which are staying?
    ● Where is the thermostat?

Moving, at home or at work, across the road or across the world, can be exciting but also very stressful. What you need during such times is a company that makes this a smooth and enjoyable experience. You need a company that has the best facilities, the best systems and the best staff. Privately owned and run, Richardson Moving & Storage is that company. Based in Stockton on Tees, we have been providing great service and value in moving, storage & shipping since 1946. For more information visit:www.richardsonremovals.co.uk.


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