5 Most Entertaining Spanish Festivals That You Should Enjoy



Spain, being the land of amazing fiestas and events, always attract people from all over the world! And if you’re one among them who haven’t enjoyed a couple of such amazing ones then just make a move soon. In every city and town of Spain you can find the folks partying in the roads with their neighbors more often. So, what are you waiting for? Moreover, the things like travelodge discount code 15 off can save a huge amount of your bucks while you decide to fly to this stupendous country.

Therefore, without further ado, to make the whole scenario very clear for ,let me jot down the five most splendid, amusing and lively festivals of Spain that you shouldn’t miss!

La Tomatina

It is one of the most craziest festivals that you will ever come across. People from every corner of the world are bound to relish the fun that this festival incorporate within itself, thanks to the utmost level of adventure and excitement it has!! Once in a year at the end of August people from all over the country as well as foreign gather in the town of Bunol at Valencia. They throw enormous number of tomatoes at one another in the name of tradition and fun as well as enjoy a lot!

Las Fellas

The biggest fiesta of Valencia is nothing but Las Fellas which takes place in the middle of March. During the four days of this festival the whole city turns out to be a magical and grand carnival. Valencia is decorated with huge figures, amazing performances, thrilling bonfires during these days. You’re sure to have a great time with your family while roaming throughout the place. This festival creates a vibrant feel in the city for these days and finally it end up with the burning of bonfire for the whole night.


La Raima

It is an awesome festival when the grape growers in the city of Pobla del Duc celebrate the grape harvest. As a reward of their hard work they enjoy by throwing grapes on one another. You can join them to take the content of entertainment in your life to the next level. So, just get your hands dirty with the locals and end up the day with some of the finest Spanish wine!

Wine Battle Of Haro

The town of Haro which is there in the La Rioja region of Spain hosts this crazy festival. The Rioja wine is one of the most famous types of wine in Spain. And every year in June the town erupts with various wine drinking competitions. The festival starts at 9 am when mass of people gather to start a procession. And after that ends you can be ready for a huge explosion of wine. So, if you’re a wine lover then this is one of the best festivals that you can ever enjoy in your whole life.

Festa Mejor de Gracia

It is a 8 days festival which is just absolutely ecstatic! In the early August, this festival occurs throughout the streets of Gracia. More than a million people generally attend this party to take part in various free outdoor concerts and different type of activities that they can enjoy with families. You can enjoy some fantastic decor in which every street will seem like a rainbow that is full of colors. And the small shops all over will let you buy the exciting festival souvenirs.

So, if you want to spend some fun-filled and memorable times of your life just fly to Spain while any of these aforementioned festivals is round the corner. Also you can save your pocket like never before while booking a hotel or flight during your travel to Spain while grabbing a voucher or code from any of the holiday booking companies of the UK. Wondering where will you get those? Well, thanks to the voucher sites like Dealslands, you can get all the latest ones just at your fingertips.


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