5 Home Improvements You Can Make Before You Retire


If retirement is right around the corner, you’re probably busy planning for your future. That future should include a few home improvements to make life at home easier if you plan on aging in place. Even if you plan to sell your current home and retire elsewhere, a home renovation makes sense. They can increase the curb appeal and add value to the home when it comes time to sell the house and prepare to live off your nest egg. 

Deck Addition

Having a nice outdoor space to enjoy can really put the cherry on top of retirement. It’s also a great investment in your home when it comes time to sell it, too. It costs around $10,000 for the average home deck renovation. Those costs are quickly recovered in sell value for homes with plenty of sunshine to enjoy. A deck can be a great way to customize entry for the mobility-impaired, too. 

Kitchen Remodel

Most buyers view the kitchen as an essential room in the house. Upgrading a kitchen will help you return around 80% of the upgrade costs in resale value. Not to mention, you get to enjoy the benefits of a newly remodeled kitchen in your retirement. Just don’t go too crazy with your personal preference. New countertops and cabinetry are a great place to start. You can finish off the remodel with new outlets, backsplash, and appliances that match. Save as much as you can from your current kitchen before you start the upgrade. 

Roof Replacement

No one wants to purchase a house with a roof that looks like it hasn’t been touched since 1999. Repairing your home’s roof will fix any leaking issues. Metal roofing is also an option for areas prone to high wind and shingle damage. Avoiding the cost of repairing the roof after every winter is a significant advantage as a homeowner. 

Home Lift

Many retirees feel like they need to move because their current home is too big. For multi-story homeowners, sometimes the stairs present a challenge. According to a home lift story, experts can install a lift just about anywhere in your home. Home elevators come with a remote control so the lift can be called, no matter which floor you are on. A private home elevator can change the way you think about your retirement. Stairs are the number one cause of injury in the home and they are entirely avoidable. 

Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom renovation is a great way to add value to your home. Bathrooms are often designed with personal taste in mind, so don’t go too overboard here. Remember, not everyone may like a pink tiled bathroom if you decide to sell the house later. Try to stick with neutral tones that will be timeless. Consider replacing any broken tiles or dated looks that may be a negative in buyer’s minds. A large glass shower or a rain showerhead can add a wow factor to the home. Creating an appealing bathroom goes a long way to preserving your home’s value.