Collect of four-year-old Kaya’s ripped skin. Kaya was stuck to a toilet seat in a local MacDonalds after a sick pranksters covered it in glue. See SWNS story SWGLUE; A mum has condemned pranksters after her four-year-old girl was SUPERGLUED to a toilet seat in McDonald’s. Furious Nicole Langmead, 24, was enjoying a meal at the fast food branch when her four-year-old daughter Kaya used the loo while she waited outside. But several minutes later the youngster emerged from the ground floor cubicle in agony saying she had been stuck on the seat. Nicole found a strong clear adhesive – believed to be superglue – had been smeared over the seat which had ripped some skin off of Kaya’s legs. Police are investigating and want to talk to two teenage girls who were came out of the cubicle in Exeter, Devon, just before Kaya went in.

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