4 Ways to Make Your Company an Attractive Place to Work


An organization’s overall strength is measured by more than just profits or sales. Having a skilled and talented workforce is an important way for a company to stand out, but in order to achieve this, your company must be somewhere that people truly want to work. Here are four helpful tips to create a workplace dynamic that keeps current employees happy and attracts new hires.

1. Be Flexible

Work-life balance often ranks among the top considerations for job seekers and employees. Offering a flexible work environment is a great way to help retain employees and recruit new ones. With the growth of technology and online communications, the long rush hour commute is becoming a thing of the past. As more employees and job seekers search for schedule flexibility, your organization should consider whether it can implement work-from-home opportunities, create a virtual office space, or permit a less rigid schedule. Allowing your staff to work from anywhere lets them save time on commutes and make their own schedules as needed. It also benefits the company by providing a more diverse and wide-ranging pool of employees and job applicants.

2. Communicate Effectively and Transparently

Many businesses have traditionally operated in a top-down manner, with little transparency across various levels of the organization. Recently, however, this structure is being challenged. More employees and job seekers are demanding open lines of communication within companies. Discussing salary and benefits upfront is one of the best ways to draw job candidates to a position. Similarly, businesses that are willing to share information on company changes and listen to employee input stand a better chance of retaining their current workers. Honesty really is the best policy when it comes to creating a happy workforce.

3. Offer Chances for Professional Development

Any organization that aims to employ talented workers long-term must understand the importance of keeping things interesting. A common reason that employees leave jobs is that they feel unchallenged or unfulfilled by the work. In order to prevent employees from feeling stagnant in their position, present opportunities for moving upwards or laterally throughout the organization. Make sure good work is rewarded, and provide chances to work on new types of projects or with different teams. You can also offer classes and supplemental educational programs. When employees can continuously expand their skills and knowledge, it increases their overall satisfaction and productivity.

4. Give Feedback

All too often employees do not feel that their hard work is recognized by their manager, or they feel unsure about where they could improve. It can be easy to forgo providing regular feedback to workers, especially if their work is satisfactory. Unfortunately, the absence of feedback can slowly erode morale. Discussing performance with employees is a great chance to improve their confidence, help them fix mistakes, and show appreciation for their efforts. Whether giving praise or critiques, be sure to use positive language to avoid creating unnecessary stress. Providing routine feedback is a simple way to keep your business running smoothly and ensure that your employees are self-assured and effective at their work.

Today’s workforce is re-defining what companies need to bring to the table when competing for employee talent. Company environment and work-life balance are more important than ever before, and organizations that wish to remain competitive in attracting and retaining top workers must be willing to work with these new trends.


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