4 Fashion Designers Who Changed the World of Fashion


Whilst some fashion comes and goes, there are certain pillar stones in the world of fashion, where legendary designers changed how we looked and dressed forever. Here are just four of the designers who have brought exceptional changes to fashion over the years: 

Calvin Klein – Men’s Underwear

Calvin Klein might not have invented underwear, but he did something even more impressive. This designer took what was a generally boring garment for men and transformed it into a sexy status symbol. The brand really exploded back in 1982, when Klein used Tom Hintnaus in a marketing campaign where the Olympian posed wearing only CK underwear on a roof. Not only was the advert shocking – with lots of flesh on show – it inspired men across the globe to invest in designer underwear. 

The Klein underwear brand is particularly known for its high waistband, which shows off the famous CK logo, which is another reason this designer is so popular. Now as popular as ever, the brand is still used to show wealth and is often marketed by big celebrities, such as Mark Wahlberg and Justin Bieber. 

Levi Strauss – Jeans 

No matter if you’re into fashion or not, every one of us has at least one pair of jeans hanging in our closet. Totally versatile, our beloved jeans are casual enough for a day at college but can also be dressed up for a night out for friends. 

So, who do we thank for our wonderful jeans? Well, the world’s most famous jean brand – Levi – is actually named after the man that brought jeans into everyday wear. Levi Strauss was approached by a tailor called Jacob Davis, who was looking to transform denim, that was being used as simple workwear, into the jeans we know today. 

Since 1873, when Levi jeans were first made, many designers and brands have made their own versions of the original Levi jeans. However, Levi jeans are still seen as one of the best high-end brands available. 

Bausch & Lomb – The Start of Ray-Ban 

When you think of a designer sunglass brands, it’s likely that Ray-Ban springs to mind. Which is of little surprise, when you think that Ray-Ban is one of the best sunglass brands in the world. Started in the 1930s by an American company called Bausch & Lomb, Ray-Ban was originally made to help reduce the glare that military pilots suffered from while flying

In 1937, the same style of Aviator sunglasses went on sale to the public and became incredibly popular with everyone from movie stars to athletes. Since then, the Ray-Ban brand has gone from strength to strength, releasing new and exciting styles of sunglasses over the years. 

Nowadays, you can still buy the famous Ray-Ban Aviators. Even better, the brand offers a range of adjustable elements for their customers, which includes message engraving, different coloured frames and lenses, and prescription lenses too.

Louis Vuitton – Luggage/Bags 

For any frequent flyer, a Louis Vuitton bag is seen as the epitome of fashion. Not only does a Louis Vuitton suitcase or bag look amazing on any arm, it’s seen as a status symbol for the rich and the famous amongst us. Indeed, the brand is so popular that people have saved up for years just to be able to afford a Louis Vuitton bag or suitcase. 

The design brand started in 1854, when Louis Vuitton had his own trunk-making business in Paris. These trunks were loved by the rich for both their strength and patterned motifs. In fact, even Napoleon’s wife, Empress Eugenie, had her own trunk. 

In 1893, Luis Vuitton luggage began being sold in American Wanamaker stores, where it inspired people to buy into fashionable luggage.