4 Easy Ways To Create A Landing Page On WordPress


Have you heard about the marketing power of landing pages and now looking for ways to create your own? If you have already read a little about the concept, you must have acknowledged that a landing page can be easily created on WordPress. What is even more, it can be done completely for free and you don’t necessarily need any coding skills.

There are numerous ways of making your landing page on WordPress and only one of them requires programming skills. They all have both pros and cons and you should choose the most suitable option for you. Let me tell you about three methods of how to make a landing page on WordPress.

Method 1: Using PHP

As mentioned, one of the method requires coding skills and that’s the one. If you know PHP language you can easily use this skill in order to craft your own landing page. The biggest advantage of this solution is the fact you are not limited by any features and you are able to create all types of landing pages you can imagine.

However, you truly need to have extensive coding knowledge in order to create a highly converting and nice-looking landing page. This option is also more time-consuming as you need to build everything from scratch and it also requires knowledge how to integrate your landing page with all the tools, for example for gathering e-mails. 

Method 2: Creating a WordPress landing page theme

Another way to go, not requiring any coding skills, is using a WordPress landing page theme. This method is the most budget-friendly option as all you need to do is to choose a WordPress theme that already comes with a landing page template. 

Even though this option is most effortless it does limit your imagination and possibilities to change the design however you’d like. It comes with a default design and you can only change only some of the features what makes the personalization much more difficult.

Method 3: Using a landing page builder platform

The last option is using a landing page builder platform. Among the other ones, it is the most customizable and easy option. Landing page builders on platforms are usually very user-friendly, intuitive and slightly guide you through the whole creation process. They provide you with many pre-built landing page templates what makes the creation carefree and quick. 

The biggest disadvantage of the platform is the fact that they always come with a fee what makes it definitely not the cheapest option. Nevertheless, landing page builder platforms usually offer a free trial period which usually extends to 14 days so you can always take advantage of it as 14 days is enough to create dozens of landing pages.