4 crucial things to consider while selecting gravel for road


Typically, Gravel is any rock smaller than 2 mm. It is a tiny, loose rock which is generally used for building roads. These rocks are coarser than sand and are very brittle in nature. Gravel is made up of different rock fragments, this being the reason for its hard nature.

Gravel roads take less time to be constructed and can also last for years if the gravel is laid with precision. However, there are several elements you need to consider while selecting the gravel for a long-lasting road.

This article will talk about five crucial things that should be kept in mind while selecting gravel.


Understand your need and the type of vehicles that will access the road

If the road you are building connects to an agricultural area, you might not want to risk putting in the resources for constructing a gravel road. Agricultural vehicles like tractors and trucks can completely devastate a gravel road.

You must check the area which the road connects to and also the vehicles which will access it. With advancement in technology, agricultural vehicles are growing more significant in size and horsepower which makes a gravel road entirely unfit for them since a gravel road is generally loose and the rocks are mobile.


Build a strong foundation for the road

If you aim to build something sustainable you have to start by laying down a robust foundationIf the foundation is wobbly, you cannot expect the road to be intact for a considerable period.

While dealing with wet soil, you can involve the process of undercutting which includes excavation of wet soil and adding adequate soil. If the road is wide enough, you can even elevate the road by adding more soil that is fit for the gravel road. Furthermore, you can add fabric to the ground which makes the land perfect for building a long-lasting gravel road.


Choose the appropriate kind of gravel for your road

The material for a road is determined by keeping in mind the natural factors of the surrounding areas. The road should drain the water well if it is located in an area where it rains a lot. It is essential to select a proper kind of gravel for either base or surface material.


Determining how much gravel you need

Determining the quantity of gravel you would need for your gravel road project does involve a bit of math and geometry, especially if the area to be covered is of irregular shape. An easy way to deal with some of the computation difficulties is to use  a gravel calculator which you can easily find on the internet. If the volume is irregular, an easy way to calculate the needed quantity is by splitting it in more regular shapes and then summing the quantities needed for each of them.


Maintenance of the road

Everything needs maintenance, even roads. Once you build the road, you need to indulge in maintenance works after specific intervals else, the gravel road might not last longer.

Gravel particles are mobile, and this fact might lead to scattering of them as the vehicles pass through the road. You need to keep these things in check to keep your gravel road up to the mark.


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