3 Technologies Vital to Project Management


There isn’t a business on earth that couldn’t benefit from better project management skills, whether it involves building a multi-story sky scraper or hiring new recruits to work the sales floor. Literally everything you do could roughly be classified as a ‘project’ and should therefore be organized in such a way as to be redundant as often as necessary. For example, you will almost always hire more than one employee in the life of your business, so any technologies that can enable you to ensure redundancy would make your job that much easier. Here are three technologies vital to project management of any kind.

1) Cloud Connectivity

This, by its very nature, needs to be listed first. As the easiest and most cost effective way to stay in touch with everyone from clients to employees, having a Cloud based platform is an absolute must. No matter where you are, you can simply go online and work in the Cloud on projects that other teams or other staffers are working on as well. In this way, the entire team stays connected and as the old saying goes, the right hand will know what the left hand is doing.

2) Seamless Integration

Today we hear all kinds of talk about project management software that seamlessly integrates a number of different technologies so that they all work together under one central operating system or core program. However, even within that main system are other smaller yet no less useful platforms that can integrate other programs into it while integrating itself into the main OS. For example, you may be running Project Management software that seamlessly works with a number of other programs like Templafy which is a document management program. Here you have one project management program as the core operating platform and other management platforms falling within that main OS and all seamlessly integrating every layer below it.

3) Video Conferencing and Cloud Chatting Solutions

One third bit of technology would be digital communication software to be used when meetings are called for. When you are in charge of managing a project, there will be times when meetings with team leaders or clients need to be scheduled. Instead of calling everyone away from what they are doing to attend a meeting at a physical location, set up a video conference or Cloud based chat. In this way, you can save invaluable time while still meeting to touch base on key issues as needed.
Technology is actually the backbone of project management in the 21st Century and so the more familiar you become with a wide variety of project management platforms, the easier it will be to manage everything from a small project on a local level to a huge global project being organized on two or more continents. From hardware to software, technology encompasses a very large field of products and services. Find those that work best for you at your own level of understanding and watch just how smoothly your next project goes.



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