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2018 Australian food trends


If you were thinking 2018 would be different foodwise, you’d be quite right. We’re all getting Eco-sensitive and green. That’s the main thrust of food trends across Australia right now. Home delivery services are also beginning to overtake take home sales because it’s becoming almost as economical to have someone else do the cooking for you – and www.foodora.com.au is becoming a top resource for that.

Customers are wanting to become more ‘involved’ with their food choices. Where was it was produced? Was it locally produced? Was it ethically produced? Does the company give to ethical organisations? Is the farming sustainable? These are all key decision makers for the leaner, greener and more aware Aussie customer. As Australians are opting to buy fresher, more sustainable and locally produced foods, we can see the flavours becoming more lip-smacking and taste sensations soaring.

Lighter bites are another big change. Whoever it was that said only a knuckle full of pasta is enough for a meal is in vogue. Australians are becoming more aware of waistlines and some of the lunchtime meals are being seriously cut down, where people are eating more for their evening meals. Salad is a big, big thing now, and accompanies many dishes instead of chips or potatoes. Take heed of those extra calories and cut them out if you want to stay truly 2018-responsive. In Sydney there are lots of dishes where you can order food online accompanied with a big wedge of lettuce and tomato to really whet your palate and round off a tasteful plate.

Saying no to processed foods is very much the in thing this year. Processed foods have been steadily falling by the wayside and food delivery is being prepared without processed foods too. Consumers are buying more ‘natural’ processed foods including ‘fermented’ products and cold brewed tea or coffee.

People in Australia are also getting waste-savvy. Whilst local authorities start imposing fines for waste management and stressing the need to cut waste – we too are picking up the message. The drive for less pollution and plastic in our oceans, and waste-free packaging is very real. Customers are changing their habits to buy in a much more environmentally friendly way, including reusable coffee cups and takeaway tubs that can be utilised for many other things. Biodegradable packaging for products is also on the up.

Finally, we are officially over the booming trend for coffee. There will be a re-concerted effort on the behalf of tea-lovers-anonymous to push the traditional brew back into our daily drinking plan. New teas will be harvested, and tea will be the enhancer to flavouring many new food products. Whilst caffeine is officially ‘out’ – caffeine-free teas are in, such as a Chai tea, made from spices and cinnamon, particularly.

2018 proves to be a change for the way the food and drink industry thinks. We are going all out for the best ways to be a good consumer – and the branding industries need to play catch-up. Environmentally-friendly wrapping, waistline watchers and local farms are the way forward. It’s likely these trends will continue for some years to come.



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