Jan Henson who bought a sofa from SCS in December for £1,600 and after only a few weeks the sofa cushions have become flat and he says he can feel the springs poking through. SCS sent someone round to look at it, who told him that there is a 17st weight limit for the cushions – but he weighs 20st. See SWNS story SWSOFA: A 20-stone man was left fuming after his new sofa broke but claims he was refused a refund – because he was ‘TOO FAT’. Jan Henson, 55, paid £1,500 for the sofa bed from SCS but within eight weeks the cushions had flattened and he could feel the frame poking through. He complained to staff only to be told the cushions on the furniture had a 17-stone weight limit – making him three stone too heavy. Gutted Jan, who is getting married next month to partner Jill, insists no-one at the shop in Cribbs Causeway, Bristol, warned him of the weight limit when he bought it.

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