The cleanup of junk left at Grange Farm which is being auctioned in Ryton On-Dunsmore, June 25 2015. A time-warp 1940s house where time has stood still for 75 years is being sold – complete with its entire contents including a treasure trove of antiques. See NTI story NTIHOUSE. Grange Farm was home to siblings Jack and Audrey Newton who lived together at the large detached property all their lives. The pair – who were both unmarried and had no children – farmed the land around the nine-bedroom house in Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Warks., for over 70 years into their 80s. Audrey was in her late 80s when she passed away in 2011 and after Jack’s death aged 90 in March this year there were no direct relatives alive to inherit their estate. The entire contents of the deserted Queen Anne style farmhouse are now being auctioned off on Saturday (27/6) including a treasure trove of antiques. Incredibly, the interior of the £600,000 property has remained untouched since the siblings moved in with their parents during the 1940s. Items found inside the fascinating house include a war time amputation kit, an old-style television as well as musical sheets and instruments from the 1920s.

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