£1,300 ‘hoof shoes’ unveiled for Cheltenham Festival


These bizarre designer shoes go on sale at the Cheltenham Festival tomorrow – in the style of horses’ HOOVES.

£1,300 'hoof shoes' unveiled for Cheltenham Festival

The zip-up boots feature an imitation carbon fibre hoof with up to 5,000 individual horse hairs stitched into a knee or ankle length design.

But only punters whose horses come in on the track will be able to afford them – as they come with a £1,300 price tag.

The ‘Horseshoes for Humans’ were created by bookies Betfair with all proceeds going to charity.

Spokesman Andy Lulham said: ”As one of the most prestigious events in the horse racing calendar we wanted to celebrate the centenary of Cheltenham in style.

”We’re upping the fashion – and betting – stakes this festival.

”Not only will our punters win bigger with Betfair, but they’ll also be a shoe-in for best dressed on course.”

£1,300 'hoof shoes' unveiled for Cheltenham Festival

Louise Dainton, 25, from Essex, who posed on a turf catwalk wearing the human horse shoes, said: ”They are really comfortable and make you feel like you want to get on the track and gallop down the final furlong.

”I’m not sure they are for everyone, but I definitely want a pair of hooves.”

Cheltenham Festival 2011 runs from tomorrow until March 18 when the event culminates in the Gold Cup.


  1. Someone should slap the designer. Not for the shoes, but for putting the zipper in the front and thus ruining the profile of the boot. Jesus christ. Side-on or, better yet, in back, and you could have the effect without splitting and ruining it with a big, ugly, black zipper.

  2. There is never a shortage of vacant minded idiots!
    They should all be issued with IQ reducers – that is to say baseball caps!

  3. are you guys seriously going to sell these boots?  LOL im not sure about this but i think they should start thinking about a new design now :D.


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