1 reactor, 1 vial, 1 cap: Synthesis is that simple


Chemical synthesis has never been so easy! With the all-new Monowave 50, students and teachers in educational laboratories as well as R&D laboratories will benefit from a modern, rapid and simplified way of doing chemical synthesis under elevated temperature and pressure conditions.

Monowave 50’s small footprint allows you to find a place for the reactor even in a crowded lab. You really can simply “plug and play”. Fill the vial, close it with the reusable caps and program your experiment through the user-friendly touchscreen.

Monowave 50 works with easy to handle closed vials. Your synthesis can be carried out at temperatures above the solvent boiling point, which shortens reaction times considerably. Temperature control and adequate stirring ensure excellent experiment progress and obtaining of the expected products.

You save time, money and space with Monowave 50. It provides the best combination of price and quality. Monowave 50 eliminates the price barrier for many graduate and undergraduate laboratories. You enjoy savings without compromising safety. Anton Paar’s high safety standards ensure protection even with inexperienced users.

Don’t waste water for refluxing systems or use more solvents than necessary. Now you can reuse your reaction vials and caps and employ environmentally benign and sustainable processes.
Monowave 50 is the great little lab colleague you can trust and rely on, ready to simplify your work wherever and whenever you need it, helping you to get the results you want. With the all-new Monowave 50 students are better prepared for the real and modern synthesis world.


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