Youngsters risk their lives during the heatwave by tombstoning 65ft at Dead Man’s Cove

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This is the moment teens risk their lives to cool off in the heatwave by ‘tombstoning’ – jumping off a seal wall at a place called Dead Man’s Cove.

Around a dozen reckless daredevils cooled off by launching themselves 65ft and plummeting into the waters below.

Their behaviour has been condemned by shocked onlookers who criticised their dangerous actions.

(James Dadzitis / SWNS)

(James Dadzitis / SWNS)

The perilous jumping craze has been a problem for several years at the site on the Hoe in Plymouth, Devon.

Coastguards have repeatedly warned against the activity which was taking place in scorching heat on Tuesday evening.

It happened just yards from where teenager Ben Thompson was left paralysed in 2010.

Ben Thompson, 20, Plymouth who was left paralysed after tombstoning into the sea in Plymouth (SWNS)

Ben Thompson, 20, Plymouth who was left paralysed after tombstoning into the sea in Plymouth in 2010 (SWNS)

On-looker Chris Jackson, 55, of Plymouth, said he couldn’t believe they were at it again.

He said: “One woman said she could barely look and it made her feel sick.

“There were a couple of shrieks as people couldn’t believe they were doing it again.

“It is a well-known hot spot and all it takes is for the sun to come out and these idiots appear.

“It is all well and good them enjoying the sun – but do they really need to risk their lives in this way?

“Some people around me were shocked. One woman even covered her daughter’s eyes fearing something bad might be about to happen.”

(James Dadzitis / SWNS)

(James Dadzitis / SWNS)

With heat approaching 30 degrees, the youngsters climbed on to the wall and over barriers on to a small railing, ignoring the warning signs about the dangerous activity.

There were a group of around a dozen men in wet-suits being egged on by a group of female supporters.

The event unfolded as high tide arrived at approximately 5.30pm.

(James Dadzitis / SWNS)

(James Dadzitis / SWNS)

The group all leaped into the sea before climbing back up and quickly fleeing the area before police arrived.

A coastguard spokesman warned: ‘It is extremely dangerous and when it goes wrong it can have devastating results.

“We would warn anyone against attempting these kind of stunts.”

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