Youngster Raises More Than £100 To Buy Hats, Gloves And Scarves For Homeless

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A kind-hearted youngster has raised more than £100 to buy hats, gloves and scarves for homeless people.

Little William Cassanell, six, decided to start the generous fundraising campaign after spotting the picture of a homeless man on a website.

His first philanthropic endeavour was to take part in a sponsered silence, with donations coming from friends and family.

The youngster, from Hull, East Yorks., then used that money to buy winterwear for the homeless.

Kind-hearted youngster William Cassanell from Hull

Kind-hearted youngster William Cassanell from Hull

William’s mum, Vikki Rooney, said: “I was just scrolling through my Facebook and there was a picture of a homeless man sat on the street.

“William saw the picture too and he asked me why the man looked so sad.

“I explained the situation to him. He told me not to worry and that he would raise some money.

“Whenever we go into town now and he spots a homeless person he gets quite upset about it.

“We talked about what the homeless people would benefit from.

“We decided to buy hats, scarves and gloves and create homeless packs.

“It was all William’s idea and he came with me to buy the items for the packs. We then sat down together and made them up.


“A woman has also got in contact with us offering to make some hats for us. So we should have about 12 in all, which we will hand out at St Mary’s Church with Hull Homeless Outreach on Wednesday.

“I am massively proud of what William has done. It is not often a six-year-old goes round making such a difference.

“It is in his nature to do that. He is a really sensitive, kind-hearted little boy.”

Vikki and William then came up with the idea that he would take part in a sponsored silence in order to raise the cash he could spend on buying knitwear for the homeless.

Vikki said: “He managed to raise just over £100, but anymore that he continues to raisie will go towards extra clothing for helping more people.”

Vikki said this wasn’t the first time that William had fundraised for good causes.

She said: “He did a sponsored run for Sports Relief last year which he enjoyed.

“He took it really seriously and was determined to finish, even though he suffers from asthsma because he thought he was letting people down otherwise.

“He’s now caught the charity bug. Sometimes I think he thinks he’s Bob Geldolf.

“He has already said next Christmas he wants to collect selection boxes for children in hospital and he now wants to sponsor a dog after seeing an advert on tele.”

huje20161117d-007_cWilliam’s dad, Matthew Cassanell, 28, added: “He did it all off his own back.

“He saw the picture of the homeless man and someone giving him dinner and he started crying and getting all emotional about it.

“He said he wanted to get them some hats, gloves and scarfs to help them keep warm over the winter.”

James Bowie, director of Hull Homeless Outreach, said: “It is always heartening to see such young people actively playing a part and trying to do something positive.

“It is very enterprising of William and it just goes to show that were are bringing good people up in the world. A lot of grown-ups could learn from the likes of William.”

William will now donate the packs to homeless people on Wednesday.

Mr Bowie added: “I genuinely think the homeless people will be overjoyed to thank William and his mum. They love this sort of thing and they will want to show their appreciation face-to-face.”

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