Young Epilepsy Sufferer Has Life-Changing Operation To Remove Golf Ball Sized Brain Tumour

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Kodi-Leigh Reynolds (10) in hospital.

Kodi-Leigh Reynolds (10) in hospital.

A 10-year-old girl who suffered 100 seizures a day has stopped fitting after having life-changing surgery to remove a brain tumour the size of a GOLF BALL.

Kodi-Leigh Reynolds was diagnosed with epilepsy seven years ago caused by a non-cancerous growth doctors discovered when she was two.

She suffered daily fits ever since and mum Michelle, 36, had to give her daughter medication to control the spasms.

But after Kodi-Leigh’s tumour in the left frontal area of her brain suddenly ballooned over the summer she was rushed in to hospital for life-saving surgery.

Doctors at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital found the lump had grown to about 1.5 inches (3.8cm) in diameter and removed 80 percent of it on November 14.

Kodi-Leigh Reynolds (10)

Kodi-Leigh Reynolds (10)

Incredibly, Kodi-Leigh, of Abbey Hulton, Staffs., has not suffered a single seizure since and managed to spend her first Christmas at home in three years.

Mum-of-three Michelle said: “The doctor told us she would have to have the tumour removed, or it would make her epileptic seizures worse.

“She has lived with it for eight years and we controlled her seizures with drugs. But they said now a seizure could kill her.

“Her last seizure was on November 13 and before that she did not go a day without a fit.

“When she had seizures you couldn’t leave her alone for a second. They were a horrible thing to experience.

“Her behaviour was bad, she was aggressive, and she couldn’t go out with her friends because of the condition.

Kodi-Leigh Reynolds in hospital.

Kodi-Leigh Reynolds in hospital.

“We are so grateful that Kodi-Leigh has made it to Christmas.

“Obviously I didn’t want her to have the operation at first, knowing the risks. It’s been a hard few months.

“Kodi has a better quality of life now and this was her first Christmas at home for a few years.

“Last year and the year before she spent Christmas Eve and New Year in hospital, which was difficult.

“It was really nice for her to spend this one at home. Things happen for a reason and I’m just glad the tumour wasn’t cancerous.”

Kodi-Leigh said: “It was hard being in hospital every day.

“At first when I woke up I was feeling really emotional. I can’t eat, write or text with my right hand anymore.”

The family have already raised more than £5,000 for the neurosurgeon team on ward 78 at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

swns_reynolds_tumour_08Stepdad Joe Knall, 28, said: “There has been a big change in Kodi’s life since she had the operation.

“It’s given her a better quality of life because she’s not had any fits. She can do more, and we’re not always having to think about her having a seizure.

“In the past, even if she was just sitting at a table, she could fall and have a fit.”

Medics had discovered the tumour had started to bleed as well as grow in size.

Consultant neurosurgeon Dr Vivek Josan said: “The tumour, which was benign and about golf ball-size, was causing the epilepsy.

“The tumour was in the left frontal area part of the brain, where there was a significant risk of Kodi being weak in her right side if all of it was removed.

Michelle Riley, Manni Reynolds 7, Joe Knall , Shaye Knall 2, and Kodi-Leigh Reynolds 10.

Michelle Riley, Manni Reynolds 7, Joe Knall , Shaye Knall 2, and Kodi-Leigh Reynolds 10.

“The seizures could have become more frequent and intense if she had not have the operation.

“It is still early days and this may be a honeymoon period because we only removed 80 to 90 per cent of the tumour.

“We can only guarantee seizures may stop if we remove all of a tumour but we couldn’t do this because of where it is.

“That is why I told Kodi’s mum that I wasn’t doing it to stop the seizures. That was a bonus. We will know for sure at the next scan, next year.

“I am relieved at how Kodi has recovered. It is good that she doesn’t have too much weakness in her right side and has had no seizures.

“It’s all positive so far.”

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