Young bright spark has higher IQ than Professor Stephen Hawkins

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A 12-year-old girl hopes to join Mensa – after beating Professor Stephen Hawkins’ IQ score.

Uneza Usman was invited to take an IQ test as part of her Secondary School enrolment into a local ‘High Flyer’ class.

But she stunned classmates and teachers by registering a whopping 162 score – making her among the most intelligent one per cent in the world.
Prof Hawking, who has never recorded an IQ test grading, is estimated to be around the 160 mark.

Cottingham girl Uneza Usman 12 overjoyed at her result she has received from MENSA after scoring an IQ of 162

Cottingham girl Uneza Usman 12 overjoyed at her result she has received from MENSA after scoring an IQ of 162

Uneza is now expecting a call from Mensa, a society of the smartest people in the world

But the youngster, from Hull, East Yorks., said she was quite surprised to get the ultra-high score.

She said: “I was so happy – I couldn’t believe it. I felt like this couldn’t be me – but it has given me a lot more confidence to think I can do something and I can learn something.

“I always wanted to be a scientist, either in medicine or in astronomy, and I always wanted to study at Oxford or Cambridge – so I think it will give me more confidence to do this.”

Uneza Usman, who had only started Newland School for Girls in Hull, East Yorks., in September, took an IQ test after being identified as a ‘High Flyer’.

But the bright spark did one better as she hopes to be invited to join Mensa after registering the highest score possible.

Uneza with her proud father Talat Khan

Uneza with her proud father Talat Khan

A meeting last week revealed that some of Uneza’s group had been invited to join Mensa following a talk with Hull and Oxford University representatives.

Uneza’s mum Shagufta Mirza, said: “We always knew she was clever, but I didn’t realise until someone told me just how high her IQ is.

“We found out the results of the tests but it was only when she asked what the highest score was I realised it is the highest you can get.

“She is just one of a very small number of children in the world to have ever scored that on the tests.”

Mrs Mirza said her daughter only started to find out how intelligent she was when she was asked to become a Newland High Flyer.swns_mensa_girl_03Speaking about her daughter’s journey, Shagufta added: “She started at Newland School for Girls in September and they identified her as a Newland High Flyer.

“They put a group of them through these Mensa tests to find out their IQ.

“Then last Thursday they held a presentation with people from Oxford and Hull universities – because I think they try to help children who are more able reach their full potential.

“And they announced that a few people had got into Mensa.”

An intelligence quotient (IQ) is a total score derived from one of several standardized tests designed to assess human intelligence.

Most people have an IQ of between 85 and 114.

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  1. Will says:

    This is great!! We need great minds moving forward in the world and as a parent
    there is nothing better watching your kids education grow along with there minds.

    My son is in Mensa and is in th1% on the IQ test at the age of 7

    Congrats and keep on learning!!!

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