Young BNP fanatic falls out with his own pet dog… ‘because it is gay’

July 23, 2014 | by | 0 Comments

A young BNP supporter has become a laughing stock after falling out with his own pet dog – because he thinks the pup is GAY.

Jack Renshaw, head of BNP Youth, posted a bizarre attack on his dog Derek because the mutt “challenged his principles”.

Renshaw posted a picture of the black Lab claiming he has an unnatural attraction towards fellow dogs’ genitalia.

He wrote: “I wish my dog would stop licking the penises of other male dogs.

“I love you, Derek (my dog) – but – don’t challenge my principles because my principles will likely win.”

But almost immediately, student Renshaw was mocked for the ridiculous statement.

One person commented: “Why, would you rather he just focused on yours?”

Renshaw lists ‘Russian Scientists Find a Cure for Homosexuality’ on his likes on Facebook.

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