Would you like fries with that? Britain’s biggest burger

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This is Britain’s largest and most fattening burger – weighing in at an artery-busting 5,000 CALORIES.

Would you like fries with that - Britain's biggest burger

Loaded with eight 1/4lb beef patties, 16 rashers of bacon, 16 slices of cheese, 32 onion rings. heaps of salad and three sauces, the ‘Uber Scooby’ burger contain TWO DAYS worth of the recommended calorie limit for men.

It stands at twelve inches tall, has a circumference of 13 inches and weighs in at almost 3kg – the same as TWO family-sized roast chickens.

And if that isn’t enough to satisfy a hungry customer, it comes with an extra side portion of chips too – adding another 478 calories to the mix.

The Jolly Fryer takeaway in Filton, Bristol are offering customers the
gut-busting meal for £30 – and a free can of diet coke to anyone who can finish it in one sitting.

The takeaway originally created Britain’s biggest burger – the ‘Super Scooby’ – in 2009, which contained 2,645 calories.

But last week their crown was stolen by Oscar’s Diner, an American-themed burger bar in Telford, Shrops., with their 4,200 calorie ‘Titanic’ burger.

Jolly Fryer owner Nick Lomvardos, 43 said he hoped the ‘Uber Scooby’ would be as popular as its meaty predecessors.

He said: ”Customers come to us because they want the biggest burger in Britain and that’s what we are determined to serve them.

”We’ve had over 1,000 orders for the ‘Super Scooby’ burger and not one customer has ever been disappointed with it.

”For the ‘Uber Scooby’, we’ve doubled up on most of the ingredients of the ‘Super Scooby’, save for the lettuce and tomato.

”I would be amazed if anyone manages to finish it, to tell you the truth.

”It is a real beast.”

He added that the burger – which is available on request – has already been attempted by three brave customers, but no-one has managed to finish it.

The Uber Scooby calorie count:

* Eight 1/4lb beef burgers: 2,320
* 32 onion rings: 800
* Sixteen rashers of bacon: 550
* Sixteen slices of cheese: 960
* Two lettuce leaves: 4
* Six slices of tomato: 25
* Four slices of onion: 15
* BBQ sauce, burger sauce and relish: 40
* Mayonaise: 90
*White burger bap: 256

Grand Total: 5,060


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  1. ColinCallan says:

    The Jolly Fryer owner Nick Lomvardos obviously hates his customers! What a p***k!

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