Would you dare to invest in “outdated” technology?

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Would you think it crazy if you learned that a company has made a significant investment in a free conferencing product offering “old-fashioned” technology when almost every mobile phone has advanced video conference calling as part of its free features? Liquid 11 a UK tech company, has done just that, but why?

‘Phone call’ conferencing is still the number one form of remote collaboration, for a simple, yet surprising, reason – vanity!
People just don’t like seeing themselves in the camera. A selfie is one thing but watching yourself for an hour during a meeting, with all the inadvertent facial expressions you might be making, is quite another.

Are you dressed for the call? Is the room you’re in tidy? Is your makeup right? Are you having a bad hair day? Are you in the car? What if you accidentally touch your nose?! Vanity is truly the lever with which Archimedes would have lifted the Earth.

Other more practical reasons people give as to why they aren’t fanatics about video conferencing included: most mobile phone conference products only work across the same operating system and won’t work between an Android and an Apple device. Also, some companies’ Firewall block video feeds for security reasons, so users are unable to connect from their PCs.

Users’ arguments for sticking to phone conferencing centered around it being fast to set up, the ability to access the conference from any location and on any device – mobile or landline, and the ability to have callers join from international locations.

The technological advancement in the past decade means that making conference calls is now available at almost no cost. With Con-Flab, for example, you can call for free from your mobile phone using your existing inclusive minutes on your contract costing you nothing at all!

The most powerful argument driving the continued use of conference calling is the fact that you don’t need to leave your office in order to collaborate. This reduces the time and costs spent on physically attending a meeting and helps businesses work smarter.

Con-Flab boasts over 28,000 users in the UK and with the addition of a new Outlook add-in, Amazon Alexa skill and mobile apps this month this number is set to increase. Try out Con-Flab at con-flab.co.uk.

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