World’s youngest DJ sparks terror alert after Britain’s Got Talent performance as aiport staff mistake his decks for a BOMB

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The world’s youngest DJ sparked a terror alert when he returned from performing on Britain’s Got Talent after security staff mistook his record decks – for a bomb.

Record breaker Jack Hill, 11, was left frightened and confused as security staff pounced on his cases after they passed a security scanner.

Dad Bob, 47, who was with him, was frogmarched into a back room by staff and searched before they dusted Jack’s decks with bomb detecting powder.

DJ Jack Hill, 11, had his decks mistaken at an airport for a bomb after he performed on Britain's Got Talent

DJ Jack Hill, 11, had his decks mistaken at an airport for a bomb after he performed on Britain’s Got Talent

Pint-sized Jack, who has to stand on a box of CDs in order to reach his decks, was stopped by staff at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport on July 21.

Jack, who has five entries in the Guinness book of records, was returning from the German version of Britain’s Got Talent – Das Supertalent – where he reached the quarter-finals.

He and Bob, from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, had been advised they could take the equipment onto the plane in Berlin as hand luggage to keep it safe on the flight back to Britain.

But after touching down in the Netherlands to change planes for Heathrow, airport security staff halted the pair.

Bob said: “The TV people booked the flight, we had to get a flight from Berlin to Amsterdam and then another to England.

“We had spent two days in Germany and Jack had made it all the way to the quarter finals so we were pretty happy.

Jack performs for an impressed audience. He is the world's youngest DJ

Jack performs for an impressed audience. He is the world’s youngest DJ

“We had made it through one flight fine and had been through most of the airport when we went through the scanner and suddenly all these guys lead me away into another room.

“I was a bit confused as to what was going on but also scared for Jack. I was being forced to leave him alone in a foreign country for I don’t know how long.

“They covered our cases with dust for detecting explosives and found there was nothing there and it was only then they asked me what was in the cases.

“After that they let me go, they never apologised for what happened, but I suppose they were only doing their jobs.”

Jack has to stand on a box to reach his decks

Jack has to stand on a box to reach his decks

Bob was quizzed for 30 minutes before being allowed to board a plane back to the UK with his son.

Diddy DJ Jack has been hitting the decks since he was a toddler following in his dad’s footsteps who also a professional DJ.

He held his first gig at the age of six and now holds five world records: Youngest DJ, youngest club DJ, youngest male radio DJ, youngest person to mix 10 songs in a minute and the world’s most successful young DJ.

Jack said: “I was waiting for our flight, walking through the airport when we got to the scanners.

“They came over and asked us what was in the cases, we told them it was my CDs and equipment and suddenly they took my dad away.

“I wasn’t too worried what they would do because I knew we didn’t have anything bad on us.

“But I was scared, it’s not nice being left alone in a foreign airport, they didn’t tell me what was going on.

“Eventually they let my dad come back to me and they let us go. They didn’t apologise and just sent us off to get our plane.

“It was a shock, I wasn’t expecting anything like that to happen.”

Since hitting the limelight in 2009 Jack has DJ’d at huge gigs, including to a crowd of 3,000 people in Birmingham as well as appearing on TV’s Daybreak and This Morning.

Earlier this year he was featured mixing on Radio 1 Extra.

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