Meet the world’s oldest pro wrestler, 83, who’s still body slamming opponents 50 years younger than him

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The world’s oldest professional wrestler was today revealed to be an 83-year-old grandad.

Saleh Ghaleb  – aka ‘The Amazing Kung Fu’ – wows wrestling crowds by body slamming opponents 50 YEARS younger than him.

The retired foundry worker – who is 5ft 2in and weighs 8st (50kg) – has been perfecting his grappling skills for over four decades after first stepping into the ring in 1970.

Saleh Ghaleb  wrestling in Ladywood in 1977

Saleh Ghaleb wrestling in Ladywood in 1977

Saleh is the world's oldest wrestler

Saleh is the world’s oldest pro wrestler

Saleh changed his wrestling name from the “Bengal Tiger” to the “Arabian Gentleman” and went on to be an undefeated champion for 10 years.

He stopped fighting in 1984 when he returned to his native Yemen to train the national Olympic judo team.

After 27 years out of the spotlight Saleh stunned the wrestling world when he stepped back into the ring under the name ‘The Amazing Kung Fu’ in 2011 – at the ripe age of 81.

He has since been using his judo black belt, kung fu, karate and jiu jitsu skills to pin down men twice his size and half his age.

The sprightly grandad-of-ten’s signature finishing move is the fearsome ‘Kamikaze Flip’ – which involves him somersaulting over his opponent before pinning them from behind.

Incredibly, he has lost just one fight in the past two years since coming out of retirement.

Saleh fighting in Yemen in 1986

Saleh fighting in Yemen in 1986

Saleh practising at home in West Bromwich, UK

Saleh practising at home in West Bromwich, UK

Saleh – who still works out four times a week – said: “I’ve had about seven fights since I returned in 2011 and I think I only lost one of them.

“The youngest guy was about 27 and the last one I fought was 30.

“I feel fit and like a young man, it’s all about technique and that’s why I can beat them. I just take them as they come.

“You have to give them a few kicks. If the young wrestlers get nasty, I kick their ass.

“Some people I wrestle are heavy but I’m not too heavy so I do more kicks.

“They lift me up and body slam me but what I do is jump on their shoulders and do the kamikaze flip and then pin them.

“Most of the people I fight are 12 or 13 stone but one was 16 stone, it’s about movement and technique.

“I have been reliably told I am the oldest professional wrestler in the world.”

Saleh’s incredible four-times-a-week training regime involves practising karate, aikido and pro wrestling along with 50 sit-ups, 50 press-ups, 50 squats.

He also believes he can keep going until he is 100.

Saleh, from West Bromwich, West Mids., added: “I’m very fit I wouldn’t step into the ring if I wasn’t.

“Be fit and you live longer – I think I can keep fighting until I am 101.

“I spend most of my time passing on my martial arts knowledge and pro wrestling skills to today’s youngsters, and while sparring with them I still really give them a run for their money.

“I don’t want to stop wrestling and they keep calling me and asking me so I keep doing it.

“After the fights I ache for days but I’m going to keep going as long as I can.”

Wrestling promoter Paul Jenks added: “You have to see him to believe it. He is truly amazing.

“When Saleh first walked into the gym and said he wanted to make a comeback we laughed.

“Then we saw him working out, doing backdrops. He says he wants to continue until he’s 101. I wouldn’t put it past him.”

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