World’s heaviest beef burger weighs 777lbs

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America has reclaimed the record for the world’s heaviest beef burger – with this 777 lbs monster which contains 1.3 MILLION calories.

World's heaviest beef burger weighs 777lbs

A ten-person crew spent 13 hours cooking the 5ft wide, 3ft deep monster on the world’s largest barbecue.

It is made up of an entire cow’s meat and has approximately 1,375,000 calories – enough to feed the average man for 18 months.

The bun weighed 110 lbs while the trimmings included 20 lbs of onions, 12 lbs of pickles, and 30 lbs of lettuce.

The total weight is the equivalent to five adults weighting 11 stone each.

Clinching the world record was all the sweeter because they snatched the title back from border rivals Canada, where a 590lb burger was created in May last year.

Brett Enright, the CEO of Juicys Travelling Barbecue Catering Service, came up with the idea and contacted Nick Nicora, the co-owner of Ovation Food Services.

World's heaviest beef burger weighs 777lbs

The duo wanted to ”bring the record back to the USA” in time for Independence Day – holding the event on Sunday.

For the record to stand, members of the public had to eat it afterwards with more than 500 queueing up to tuck into the burger at the Alameda County Fair in California.

April Mitchell, event & marketing manager at the Alameda County Fair, said: ”It was a wonderful event shared by the community.”

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