World Pie Eating Competition King Retains Crown

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Martin Appleton-Clare, right, crowned winner, for the third time at the annual World Pie Eating Competition 2016

Martin Appleton-Clare, right, crowned winner, for the third time at the annual World Pie Eating Competition 2016

A Brit has made history after becoming the World Pie Eating Champion for a third time – after smashing a meat and potato pastry in just 45.5 SECONDS.

Martin Appleton-Clare, 38, is on the crust of a wave after penning his name in the history books for scooping the pie eating crown for a second consecutive year.

The larger than life legend is even on Hollywood’s radar to be the cornerstone of a new film after once again scoffing a pie in less than a minute.

And Martin, who chewed up other competitors at the World Pie Eating Championships in Wigan, Greater Mancs., for a record third time, hopes George Clooney will play him.

swns_pie_champ_04Speaking about the achievement, Martin said: “I’m the first person ever to get three trophies so I’m over the moon.

“I’m normally a big eater as you can probably tell but I do tend do beef it up a little bit when it’s getting close to the event.

“It’s more of a social event now, it’s a bit of a laugh but winning the trophy makes it a bit better.

“It’s a day out for us but going home with a trophy makes it a bit more fun.”

Over 30 people took part in this year’s competition while attempting to scoff the pies – measuring 12cm in diameter and 3.5cm deep.

swns_pie_champ_01Despite not beating his previous time of 38.2 seconds in 2015, Martin still managed to retain his crown.

On rumours that Hollywood are interested in making a movie about him Martin, who lives in near Wigan, added: “I wouldn’t mind a cameo in it to be honest – but anybody could play me really – George Clooney, Bruce Willis, any of those big hitters.”

The World Pie Eating Championships have been an annual tradition in the town for more than 20 years and attracts competitors from as far as America this year.

To advertise this year’s event boffins teamed up with event sponsors Ultimate Pie to launch a pie into space – the first bakery to do so in the world.

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