Women Scrawl On Poster To Help Encourage Other Females To Check For Breast Cancer

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A breast cancer awareness poster in the lady's toilets of Leeds Trainstation, West Yorks., has had messaged added to it by passing women

A breast cancer awareness poster in the lady’s toilets of Leeds Trainstation, West Yorks., has had messaged added to it by passing women

A Breast Cancer Awareness poster has been transformed into a heartwarming display of love and solidarity – after women scrawled their heartfelt and hilarious messages of support over it.

The scribbles, which have transformed the poster into a shrine, are all words of encouragement to women to check themselves for lumps and support to those who are fighting the disease.

Spotted by ladies spending a penny at Leeds train station, West Yorks., the notes range from persuading fellow women to check themselves to stories of losing their loved ones to the deadly disease.

swns_cancer_poster_03“Stay strong ladies and remember to talk to your loved ones – you will get through it.”

As another said: “We all love a good fondle during sexy time – do it yourself and save yourself, much love ladies.”

Other posts included words of encouragement to their fellow females, saying: “You’ll get through it ladies”, “love to all you brave people” and “check, check, check”.

swns_cancer_poster_08The poster, which is a joint effort by Cancer Research UK and Network Rail, is a picture of breast cancer survivor 55-year-old Michelle.

The quote next to her picture reads: “I’m so glad the lump was discovered early. Spotting cancer early can make such a difference.”

However some notes reveal their loved ones not being as lucky.

swns_cancer_poster_10A post in red writing reads: “Goodnight, sleep tight. RIP Debbie James” – as another also says: “I lost my mum to this disease.”

The poster asks readers to visit: www.spotcancerearly.com

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