Woman who reached 18 stone after eating swiss rolls loses eight stone

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A super slimmer has lost nearly half her body weight after ballooning to 18 stone – by eating nothing but SWISS ROLLS.

Woman who reached 18 stone after eating swiss rolls loses eight stone

Roly-poly Maxine Hobson, 50, piled on a staggering eight stone by scoffing two FEET of the log-shaped cake containing 3,000 calories every day.

In just nine months the grandmother-of-five munched her way through 500 Swiss Rolls – often eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Incredibly, Maxine hoped the Swiss Roll diet would help her LOSE weight because she was skipping meals.

But she grew so big she struggled to walk short distances and the final straw came when she could not fit into a swing during a trip to the park with her grandchildren.

The shock encouraged her to take drastic action and 18 months later she has lost eight stone after replacing Swiss Rolls with fruit, vegetables and proper meals.

Maxine admitted her nine month Swiss Roll binge was ”a strange time” and does not know why she craved the snacks for so long.

She said: ”I would always make sure I had a Swiss Roll in the cupboard. I’d go shopping and pick lots up from the £1 shop.

Woman who reached 18 stone after eating swiss rolls loses eight stone

”They were easy and quick and I would cut them up and snack on them all day. I would get cravings, I suppose it was for the sugar.

”The problem was I wasn’t getting any substantial food so I needed the sugar but I was convincing myself if I skipped meals I wasn’t eating many calories.

”But these Swiss Rolls were very fatty and I was getting through about two every day.

”It was strange, it really was strange. I don’t know the psychology behind it.”

Mum-of-two Maxine began piling on the pounds after leaving her job at Somerfield in March, Cambs., in the fresh produce aisle in December 2008.

Woman who reached 18 stone after eating swiss rolls loses eight stone

But she began snacking on Swiss Rolls as she relaxed at home with husband Mick, 67, a retired car technician.

Each day she ate two family-size packs costing £1 each and would only eat the occasional meal. She would supplement her diet with crisps or biscuits.

But she decided to change her diet after getting stuck in the swing.

She said: ”One day I was with my two youngest grandchildren and I couldn’t fit in a play swing. My youngest wanted to sit on my lap but I couldn’t fit in.

”I couldn’t get about much and I knew I had to do something drastic so out went the Swiss Rolls.”

She joined her local Slimming World in June last year after ballooning to 18st 9lb and ditched the Swiss Rolls for a healthier diet.

Now she has lost more than eight stone and weighs just 10st 8Ib.

Woman who reached 18 stone after eating swiss rolls loses eight stone

Maxine now eats muesli and skimmed milk and fruit for breakfast, jacket potato and salad for lunch, rice or pasta with vegetables for dinner, and snack on fruit and yoghurts.

The main ingredients of a traditional Swiss Roll are sponge, sugar, flour, eggs, jam or buttered cream.

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  1. NO! says:

    We weigh people in stones?

  2. Steven Gould says:

    uhh…. stones? I had to freakin look it up. Apparently, it’s about 14 pounds. Soo… 18 “stones” is about 252 pounds….
    Stupid Brits…

    • Cody Dobson says:

      Stupid Brits?? You make ALL Americans look TOTALLY STUPID, STEVEN! Think GLOBAL, NOT LOCAL. The U.K. is a much older country compared to the U.S., and it has a richer history, Steven. Please be most NIGGARDLY with your uneducated remarks Mr. Gould. THANKS!

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  4. Stupid Brits? I guess you don’t have obese people in the USA…

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