Woman Spends Months Creating Stunning DIY Floor From 13,000 Pennies

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A DIY enthusiast has made stunning floor mosaic – by laying out 13,000 pennies .

Tonya Stecyk used 13,000 US pennies worth $130 (£104), 10 bottles of Elmer’s glue, wood filler, grout and epoxy worth $150 (£120) to create the geometric diamonds which make up the floor.

The amazing mosaic floor created by Tonya Stecyk from 13,000 American pennies.

The amazing mosaic floor created by Tonya Stecyk from 13,000 American pennies.

Her eye-catching design was achieved by using different-colored one-cent coins and alternating between heads and tails

She said: “I started by measuring the area and finding the centre. Drew an axis to follow along.

“I started by glueing one diamond shape in the center. I let it dry so I could push the next pennies against the center without the whole thing sliding.

“Didn’t really have a design in mind. Just started with the diamonds, liked how it looked and kept going.”swns_penny_floor_09When she got to the edges of the room she used a wave pattern to border the central diamond formation.

Tonya said she tried a number of different ideas before finalising her decision and gluing the coins in place.swns_penny_floor_02She added: “It took a few months. But I took many sanity breaks and had to wait for stuff that I ordered a few times.

“If I had just sat there and done it and had all the right things at the beginning then a week and a half would have probably done it.”

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