Woman loses stunning 18 stones dropping from 31st – and can now finally ride her motorcycle

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Super-slimmer Michelle Green is living light on the hog after shedding a staggering 18 stone – more than the weight of an average professional rugby player.

Super-slimmer Michelle Green who lost a staggering 18 stone - more than the weight of an average professional rugby player. (SWNS Group)

Super-slimmer Michelle Green who lost a staggering 18 stone – more than the weight of an average professional rugby player. (SWNS Group)

The 45 year-old became a recluse as she soared to 31 stone and was left too embarrassed to leave her home.

She tried gastric surgery but that failed and she continued to pile on the pounds.

But in the past five years she has lost almost two-thirds of her bodyweight and now tips the scales at under 13 stones.

And in doing so she has found a new lease of life and started doing things she could only dream of – like riding a motorbike.

Michelle before weight loss (SWNS GROUP)

Michelle before weight loss (SWNS GROUP)

Michelle, from Brinkley, Cambs., said: “I was unable to walk up the stairs, I couldn’t go on holiday because I wouldn’t have fitted in a seat.

“When I did make it out, I’d get a lot of stares and you would see people nudging each other.

“I would try and not make an eye contact with anyone or listen to what they might be saying.

“You get depressed and don’t want to leave the house and then there’s vicious cycle of wanting to eat more.”

Michelle joined Slimming World and adapted her favourite meals by choosing leaner cuts of meat and cooking without oil.

She still eats lasagne, curry and cheesy chips as part of her diet, but keeps in shape with her far more active lifestyle.

She regularly goes on 10 mile walks and loves hitting the open road on her motorbikwe with her wife Kate – who also lost 5st in her own weight battle.

They rode their bikes together to Switzerland to experience the mountain passes of the Alps.

(SWNS Group)

(SWNS Group)

Michelle, who is now running her own weight loss group, said she felt amazing.

She added: “I am healthier, slimmer and much more active.

“I don’t have to think about whether I can or can’t do something anymore, I just do it – I have so much confidence and feel like anything is possible.”

At her heaviest Michelle had 68 inch waist trousers.

She said she had gastric surgery five years ago fearing that unless she did something about her weight she would die.

Michelle said her life finally changed last Christmas after a massive food shop with her wife Kate, 41.

She said: “We had a really embarrassing Christmas shop where you pick up all the nuts and cakes and things and we just looked at everything we had bought and just thought we need to change this.

“So I bagged everything up and threw it away. Then I and Kate decided to join Slimming World together.”

(SWNS Group)

(SWNS Group)

Michelle, who married Kate in August 2014, hit her weight loss target at the end of June.

She said it was a big motivator for them to lose weight together and added: “I couldn’t lose everything on my own – it’s hard.

“I snacked on crisps and chocolate and stuff – anything really. I didn’t have a favourite.

“I still eat the takeaways, lasagne and roast dinners it’s just been slimmed down.

“But back then if I had a hard day I would comfort eat on anything, whereas now if I comfort eat it’s with healthy snacks.”

Michelle will begin as a Slimming World Consultant on September 21.

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