Woman Leaves Boyfriend Speechless With Controversial COCAINE-Themed Birthday Cake

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A woman had with this hilarious COCAINE-themed birthday cake made for her boyfriend – decorated with fake lines of coke, ecstasy tablets and rolled up £50 notes.

Stacey Morris, 22, wanted to surprise her boyfriend Ollie, 23, with a cake he would remember at his party.

The decorated Victoria sponge was “just a joke” and Stacey was inundated with thousands of messages after she posted pics on Facebook.

A number of people commenting on the viral photos joked it had “Jeremy Kyle written all over it” but others failed to see the funny side and said it “went too far”.

Stacey Morris

Stacey Morris

Admin worker Stacey, from King’s Lynn, Norfolk, said: “It has always been a joke between us and all our friends because we watch lots of films and programmes about drugs.

“So when I was having a cake done and I spotted this idea online it was perfect.

“I wanted something different that everyone would remember.

“It was a surprise.

“We had a few friends around for drinks for his birthday and we brought the cake out at midnight.


SWNS_COKE_CAKE_02“A few people said to him ‘you’ll be shocked when you see it’ but he had no idea it was going to be like that.

“When he saw it he just stood there looking at it. It was really funny.

“I put it on Facebook and it has just gone crazy since then with people commenting and stuff.

“I’ve had a few negative comments but mostly positive ones and the girl who made the cake has been inundated too.”

Stacey ordered the cake from a maker in her area and gave it to Ollie – who doesn’t want to reveal his full name – on Wednesday.

The ‘powder’ was made from icing sugar and the notes were made of sugar paper.

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