Woman dodges £500 fine by claiming her boobs were too BIG for her to wear a seatbelt

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A busty woman driver who was stopped for not wearing a seat belt escaped with a warning after she used her BOOBS as an excuse to dodge a potential £500 fine, police revealed today.

Officers from the Lincolnshire Road Policing Unit spotted the female motorist driving in Grantham, Lincs., and pulled her over yesterday afternoon.

When asked why she had her seat belt tucked under arm, the lady simply replied: “Because it hurts my boobs”.

A woman claimed she wasn't wearing a seatbelt because her breasts were too big

A woman claimed she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt because her breasts were too big

And the method more often seen in films and TV programmes to dodge speeding tickets seemed to work – and officers sent her on her way with just a warning.

Instead she “received advice” from police who explained what she was doing was classed as not wearing a seat belt and warned it could cause more serious injury.

Taking to their @LincsRPU Twitter account yesterday afternoon Lincolnshire Road Policing Unite said: “Female driver stopped in Grantham wearing her seat belt under arm. Advice given, she replied “it hurts my boobs” I’ve heard it all now.

“It is classed as not wearing a seat belt if not worn correctly. Also it could cause more injury. #Fatal4”

One of the unit’s 9,448 followers @MillieLogica replied: “they really do sometimes. But then, I suspect going through a windscreen hurts more.”

Another web user Beth Quinton added: “I thought this sort of thing only worked in the movies. Fair play to her, the officers must have fell for her charms.

“To be honest us girls would all try that if we were in a similar position.”

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