Woman airlifted to hospital after being trampled by a raging cow

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A woman was airlifted to hospital by helicopter after she was repeatedly head-butted and trampled by – a raging COW.

Terrified Glynis Porter, 58, was left suffering a broken leg and a smashed ankle after the crazed bovine attacked as she walked her three dogs in a field near her home.

Retired postal worker Glynis had just walked through a kissing gate when the cow charged and knocked her to the ground.

Incredibly, Glynis scared the cow away by screaming and – despite her injuries – scrambled over a hedge to safety where she called for help on her mobile phone.

Her husband Leslie, 59, told how Glynis was recovering in hospital, but was she was going to die during the attack and was still ”extremely shaken up”.

He said: ”She didn’t think the cow was going to leave her alone. She said she thought it was going to kill her.

”She had the youngest of the three dogs on its lead, the others were off somewhere else in the field.

”The cows were moving away from her at first, so she thought it was safe to carry on walking.

”But then one of them turned and came over to her and head-butted her. She fell on to the ground and it carried on head-butting her before stamping on her.

”From what she’s told me, she basically just screamed at the cow until it went off.

”The dogs didn’t do anything, they were just doing their own thing. Somehow she got up, with a broken leg, and got herself into another field.

”She was extremely shaken up. She really thought she was going to die.”

Glynis was walking along a public footpath by her home in Thurcaston, near Leicester, with her three border collies, Molly, Chloe and Drift when she was attacked.

Leslie, a welder for Rolls Royce, said: ”The path is used every day by children and families walking to and from school.

”Glynis was extremely lucky to survive the attack. If the cow had gone for a child it could have been fatal.”

Glynis, who so still recovering at Leicester Royal Infirmary, has had a metal pin inserted into her left leg which was broken in two places.

She also suffered a cut above her right eye and could be in hospital for another week before being discharged.

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