Wild wallaby spotted hopping around St Breward, Cornwall

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A motorist was stunned when he came face-to-face with this WALLABY – on a country lane in CORNWALL.

Peter Glaser, 59, was driving home from work when he spotted the kangaroo-like creature near his house.

The wallaby – normally found in the Australian outback – was hopping around a lane in St Breward, Cornwall.

It is thought to be one of a family of three wallabies living wild in the area.

Peter said: ”I couldn’t believe it – a wallaby is the last animal you expect to see bounding around the fields down here.

”I was nearly home when I saw it right in front of me. I got quite close – he’s not too shy that’s for sure. I could look right into its eyes.”

The animal is thought to be a male which escaped from a farm three years ago and is now living wild.

He managed to find another escaped female who was later caught on camera with a baby in her pouch.

On the Isle of Mann there is a breeding colony of around 100 wallabies which began when a breeding a pair escaped from a wildlife park.

A wallaby is a general name for about 30 species of macropod which are smaller than kangaroos and are found across Australia

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