Wikileaks diplomacy crisis: what the papers say

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Wikileaks began publishing more than 250,000 leaked United States embassy cables on Sunday night, sparking a worldwide diplomatic crisis.

Wikileaks diplomacy crisis: what the papers say

The leaks focus on a whole range of international issues from the instability of North Korea to the fears surrounding Iran. Even the British Royal Family is on the receiving end of criticism.

Here’s what the media is saying today:

Wikileaks in The Guardian (news)

China ready to abandon North Korea

China has signalled its readiness to accept Korean reunification and is privately distancing itself from the North Korean regime. Read the full story

‘Rude’ Prince Andrew shocks US ambassador

Prince Andrew launched a scathing attack on British anticorruption investigators, journalists and the French during an “astonishingly candid” performance at an official engagement that shocked a US diplomat. Read the full story

Wikileaks in The Guardian (comment and reaction)

Wikileaks: the revolution has begun – and it will be digitised

Heather Brooke writes how the digital age has changed the way in which people relate to power – and how politics will have no choice but to adapt too. Read the full article

Hillary Clinton attacks release of US embassy cables

The US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, described the release of the US embassy cables as an attack not only on the US but the international community. Read the full story

Wikileaks in The Telegraph (news)

Duke of York’s ‘candid’ attack on British Government

Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, launched an “astonishingly candid” attack on the “stupid” British government during a business brunch at which he surprised an American ambassador with his foul language. Read the full story

Prince of Wales does not command same respect as the Queen

A senior official in the Commonwealth secretariat has cast doubt over the Prince of Wales’s ability to succeed the Queen as head of the 54-country association. Read the full story

Wikileaks in The Telegraph (comment and reaction)

Julian Assange accuses Barack Obama of trying to stifle press freedom

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has criticised US President Barack Obama’s administration by calling it “a regime that doesn’t believe in the freedom of the press”. Read the full story

Sarah Palin says Barack Obama did not do enough to prevent WikiLeaks

Former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin suggested the use of what she called “cyber tools” to permanently shut down the WikiLeaks site on her Facebook page. Read the full story

Newspaper columnists’ reaction tp the Wikileaks US embassy cables

Richard Littlejohn in The Daily Mail: Wikileaks latest… the Pope may be catholic

Robert Fisk in The Independent: Now we know. America really doesn’t care about injustice in the Middle East

David E Sanger in The New York Times: Leaked Cables Depict a World Guessing About North Korea

Jeffrey H Smith in The Washington Post: Prosecute WikiLeaks, then reform our espionage laws

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