WeeTect Developed Different Base Colors of Photochromic Sheet

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weetectWeeTect, a global leader in manufacturing and supplying anti-fog solution, today announced its new different base colors for photochromic sheet. This is a high-performance sheet that features a blend of WeeTect’s innovative technologies in the eyewear safety and protection.

This comes a year after the company introduced the WeeTect Photochromic Technology (WPT). Developing different base colors of photochromic sheet aims to meet the dynamic needs of WeeTect OEM clients in the global market.

“This is an optical grade accessory which is laminated with our unique photochromic film to ensure comfort and protection as the weather transitions,” said Taylors Lei, the WeeTect Product Manager. “Our team of researchers and technicians in the Foshan testing laboratory will continue to cooperate with stakeholders in the industry to ensure we adjust promptly to clients’ needs.”

Over the years, WeeTect has demonstrated its know how in the photochromic technology. The company has unveiled a range of photochromic lenses, visors, face shield, goggles and sheets, among other products.

WeeTect clients will have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of WeeTect photochromic sheet & film (WPSF), alongside the newly developed different base colors photochromic film.Check details here https://www.weetect.com/photochromic-sheet-and-film/


A range of color options available:

WeeTect’s unique photochromic film come in a range of base colors such as orange, pink, clear, etc. Furthermore, WeeTect uses modern technology, thus they can tint photochromic film to both smoke and brown.

Different degrees of light transmission:

WeeTect uses high-grade substrate in the different base colors of photochromic sheets making them light sensitive. They can tint from 80% visible light transmittance of 20% within a few seconds.

Anti-fog and anti-scratch coating:

As a company with years of experience in the anti-fog industry, WeeTect uses hydrophilic anti-fog. The anti-fog coating is on one side of the surface with anti-scratch on the other side.

WeeTect hydrophilic coating uses molecular interaction to eliminate fog.

In addition to these innovative technologies, a polarized surface with anti-fog property is also available.

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