Wealthy businessman’s brand new £75k BMW crushed in Morrison’s CAR WASH

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A wealthy businessman has blasted Morrisons after his brand new £75,000 BMW was crushed – by the supermarket’s CAR WASH.

David Elliott was inside his 6 Series Gran Coupe when the back window shattered just seconds after paying £6.99 for a wash and wax.

The 48-year-old quickly realised part of the supermarket’s car wash in Evesham, Worcs., had snagged on the lower edge of his BMW’s boot.

David Elliott's BMW after it was crushed by a Morrison's car wash

David Elliott’s BMW after it was crushed by a Morrison’s car wash

But instead of the safety mechanism cutting off the machine, the roller continued to rise – pushing the boot up into the back window.

He quickly turned on the engine and drove out of the car wash to check the damage to his pride and joy – which he had only bought two months earlier.

David has since been quoted £4,000 to fix the damage but has been forced the BMW in a garage and cycle 16 miles to work while he waits for the car to get repaired.

The dad-of-two blasted the supermarket giant for refusing to accept liability because they claimed nothing was wrong with the car wash.

He fumed: “I was typing away an email on my phone and heard a splintering sound and thought ‘that sounds expensive’.

“I looked in the mirror and nothing happened and then I heard this crunching noise as the boot was somehow forced open and lifted up.

A Morrisons manager assesses David's BMW for damage immediately after it was crushed by the car wash

A Morrisons manager assesses David’s BMW for damage immediately after it was crushed by the car wash

“Then as the car wash came over it, it thrust it forward through the back window. At this point I looked up and there was this almighty noise.

“I fired up the car and drove outside the car wash. Once I drove out, the remains of the window fell out. The boot was completely knackered too.

“I called Morrisons customer services immediately telling them what had happened and within a week they had basically denied liability.

“They didn’t even send somebody to look at my car. The car wash was broken by the incident.

“But they got an engineer in who presumably just pushed the reset button and said the car wash was fine.

“Morrisons said to me they didn’t deny that the incident took place but because the car wash was fine beforehand and now the engineer said it’s working, it’s not their liability.

“They are completely washing their hands of it.”

David – who is the managing director of a fitness equipment company – spoke to the car wash manager immediately after the incident at 8.15am on July 30.

He then phoned Morrisons customer services who told him an engineer who they sent to check the car wash had reported no faults.

And furious David has now been left in limbo after the supermarket giant refused to accept liability for the accident

David, who lives with his wife Grizzie, 48, and two children Oskar, 15, and Georgina, 13, in Stow-on-the-Wold, Glos., added: “It makes you think what would have happened if my kids were in the back of the car.

“A lot of kids put their faces against the back window to watch the roomers. All sorts of horrible things could have happened.

“They should have reported it to the health and safety executive and done a proper investigation.

“I want to take it to the small claims court but it is me against Morrisons’ legal team.
“When wanton destruction is wreaked upon your car, they should surely just pay up.

“I am waiting for the repair to be approved. The boot can’t shut and the back window isn’t present so I can’t drive at all.

“I have been quoted £4,000 but that could go up if they find the force has caused something else to be damaged once they remove the boot.

“I am cycling 25km to go to work every day. I had only had the car two months, it has only got 2,000 miles on the clock.

“This was my latest and greatest purchase. It was my pride and joy, the whole experience has been utterly horrific.”

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