Wayne Rooney orders ‘£2K of vodka and POT NOODLES to his Glastonbury trailer’

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Football ace Wayne Rooney enjoyed Glastonbury in style last weekend – after having a £2k Tesco shop of mostly vodka and POT NOODLES delivered to his luxury trailers.

The Man Utd star and wife Coleen arrived by helicopter at the world famous music festival, to be met by boxes of instant noodles and crates of vodka, according to a local resident.

Wayne and Coleen, both 27, spent around £1,900 on dozens of packets of instant noodles, and bottles of vodka and mixers, local Amy Hemmings revealed.

Wayne Rooney at Glastonbury

Wayne Rooney at Glastonbury

Colleen Rooney at Glastonbury

Colleen Rooney at Glastonbury

Amy, who lives in nearby Croscombe, discovered the festival treats in store for the football royalty after speaking to her regular Tesco delivery driver, who had just come from dropping off their mammoth order.

Retail fashion buyer Amy, 31, said: “My Tesco shop arrived on last Tuesday afternoon, and the driver, who I have got to know quite well, said he had just come from the VIP area of Glastonbury.

“He told me that he’d just delivered a bit of food for Ellie Goulding, and the rest of his van was full of stuff for the Rooneys.

“He said it was boxes and boxes of Pot Noodles, super noodles and vodka – and that’s about it. Wayne ordered hundreds of Pot Noodles. It’s staggering.

“They had ordered almost an entire van’s worth of food – which cost £1,900. He just kept saying it was the whole van.

“The driver didn’t tell me what flavours of Pot Noodle the Rooneys ordered, but I hope some of them were ‘Chicken and Mush-Roo.’

“It really makes me smile to think about millionaire celebrities sitting round a campfire eating Pot Noodles like boy scouts.”

The Tesco driver also revealed details about ‘Camp Rooney’ inside the VIP section of the festival.

The crowd cheers in the summer sunshine as Vampire Weekend take to the stage on the final day of Glastonbury 2013

The crowd cheers in the summer sunshine as Vampire Weekend take to the stage on the final day of Glastonbury 2013

Amy said: “He said they have three huge coaches – the massive ones that are £15,000 each to rent for the festival.

“To think they were just filled with junk food is dreadful.

“If I had half his money, I’d have a personal chef cooking me five-star cuisine every night.”

Amy’s partner Harry Batt, 32, was stunned to hear about the Rooney’s shopping habit.

The company director said: “He’s a professional footballer. I would have thought they would make a conscious effort to eat better and take care of their nutrition.

“I know the season hasn’t started, but that can’t mean he can wolf-down whatever he wants, does it?”

The couple have an 11-month-old daughter.

Amy has been going to Glastonbury since she was 16, and Harry has been visiting since 1997.

The pair, who are getting married next year, had day-passes to attend the festival on Sunday.

Harry said: “Food at Glasto is amazing. They make a conscious effort not to just have burger vans, and it really shows.

“There’s much more to the festival than just sitting round eating Pot Noodles and drinking vodka.”

Chelsea fan Amy added: “The driver said that Ellie Goulding’s food was all fresh and organic – just the sort of food you would expect a professional footballer to eat.”

Extra large King Pot Noodles are currently on offer at Tesco for just £1.

Amy said: “Pot Noodles aren’t a bad idea for a festival – if the weather is hot, it’s important to stay rehydrated.

“Last time Coleen was at Glasto, Wayne was involved in a sex scandal – at least this time the only ‘filthy’ thing is the food.

“If they had brought a miniature dog with them and kept it in the shade, it would be a ‘not hot pot poodle.'”

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  1. Nic says:

    Who are these people in this article? They sound like they want to be a bit famous for a moment, cracking naff jokes.

    Also: “I know the season hasn’t started, but that can’t mean he can wolf-down whatever he wants, does it?”

    Yes, he is a grown man, he can eat whatever he damn well pleases.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Leave the Rooneys alone there eating food and drinking drink that they have paid tax for with money they have paid tax on also.

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