WATCH : This unmarked police LORRY is watching your every move

December 14, 2016 | by | 5 Comments
The unmarked DAF police lorry; See SWNS story SWLORRY; Police in Plymouth have a new weapon against dodgy drivers - a heavyweight undercover lorry that has already been out patrolling the A38. The unmarked DAF truck might look like an unlikely vehicle for police to use in the fight against roads menaces. But it gives cops a vantage point to see motorists texting at the wheel, watching movies on their mobile phones - or worse. In one case, officers say they caught a fellow lorry driver cooking a meal on a hob in his cab.

The unmarked DAF police lorry

Police have launched the latest weapon against bad drivers – this massive undercover LORRY complete with flashing blue lights.

The unmarked HGV gives cops a better vantage point to see motorists texting at the wheel or watching movies on their mobiles.

And the monster vehicle – which has been patrolling the A38 near Plymouth, Devon, – has even caught a fellow lorry driver cooking a meal on a hob in his cab.

Complete with flashing lights, the white lorry has been instrumental in catching out other dangerous drivers as part of a roads policing operation across Devon and Cornwall code-named Operation Allied Wolf.

The crackdown has also seen a teenager caught driving a tractor on the dual carriageway while browsing Snapchat on his mobile phone.

The large-scale operation has targetted those drink and drug driving, using mobile devices behind the wheel, speeding and those not wearing a seatbelt.

Chief Inspector Adrian Leisk, said: “The overall aim of Operation Allied Wolf is road casualty reduction, at the same time helping to minimise crime and traffic related incidents in the area.

“We have focused on drivers who may be impaired through drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

“Drivers must understand that if their judgement is impaired because of these factors, then being “under the limit” will not prevent them from being arrested and possibly prosecuted.”

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  1. Rodney Mayer says:

    I use my mobile phone with a “SatNav “app.
    Is this allowed?

  2. Brenda Carter says:

    So, now people are being made aware they’ll look out for it, surely that’s defeating the object?

  3. jones says:

    why are we the population being pushed by all your police campaigns to drive at the limit instead of well under the limit to our safety and capabilities with all these in vehicle MOBILE equipments at our avail ..

  4. Bryn Jones. says:

    it should be 3months ban+£1ooo fine and phone confiscated.

  5. Sue Scotchford says:

    Good if it only saves one life it is worth it. Something needs doing.

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