WATCH : Motorcyclist Rides On Busy Road – With Three Dogs Happily Sat Beside Him

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A motorcyclist astonished drivers when he took his three dogs for a ride – all perched on his saddle.

The hilarious video shows the man speeding along the motorway with two pooches perched precariously behind him – without a belt or strap to hold them on.

A third smaller dog is sat between the rider’s legs, who holds on to the pet while steering with one hand.

Passenger Kahaan Baxi took a video of the amusing group on a road between ITO and Vikas Marg in New Delhi.

He said: “You might enjoy this unusual sight of doggies enjoying the scooter ride.

“However much entertaining the video might look like, it raises several questions on road safety in India’s national capital.”

Locals said the driver, who looks down to comfort the youngest dog, is often seen riding about with his dogs perched on his bike.

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