WATCH : Idiot cyclist’s very near miss with car

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Shocking dashcam footage captures an idiot cyclist’s very near miss – as he shoots straight in front of a car.

The rider wobbles into view as the driver of the car approaches a green light at a junction.

Peddling slowly, the cyclist, in a blue hoodie and baseball cap, looks as though he is going to stop – so the motorist continues.

But instead of waiting with the rest of the traffic going the other way, the cyclist decides to carry on across the crossroads.

Just as the driver of the car accelerates the cyclist cuts him up, forcing him to slam on the brakes.

Miraculously, a collision is avoided and the man rides off without a scratch – while the irate motorist beeps and screams: “You f*cking idiot.”

Truck driver Michael Spicer, who was behind the wheel, later posted the clip online with the caption: “I think I put it quite well!”

The 50-year-old, of Bridgwater, Somerset, filmed the incident last Thursday while on his way back from the vets.

He said: “I saw the cyclist pass in front the stationary car.

“I thought he was going to stop on the left hand side in front of the stationary car and wait – the sensible thing to do.

“Clearly, for some reason, he had other ideas.”

He added: “I thought I was going to hit him.

“The wide angle of the camera is deceptive in the video, as it makes thing look further away than they are.

“He was probably a couple of inches from my bumper.

“How I didn’t hit him I will never know.”

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