WATCH – Brave Bystander Drags Robbers Out Of Jewllers During Ram-Raid

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CCTV of the gang raiding the jewellers.

CCTV of the gang raiding the jewellers.

This is the moment a ram-raid on a jewelers was foiled by a middle-aged female bystander – who grabbed the robbers and dragged them out.

The brave woman heard a crash as a Jaguar driven by William Cochrane, 39, reversed into a Niemantas Jewellers in Brighouse, West Yorks..

The front and back door on the passenger side opened and two men – Richard Cochrane, 37, and fellow gang member Scott Lister, 30 – jumped out.

They began grabbing swag but Sandra Bottomley, wearing a red coat, appears out of the next-door pharmacy.

Incredibly, Sandra then approaches the two robbers and is seen to wave her arm, beckoning them away from the shop.

As they ignore her, she lurches towards one of the men and grabs at his blue jacket, pulling him away from the window and then pushing him towards the Jaguar.

As the second robber approaches the car to make a getaway, she tackles him as well, pushing him into the car.

Just days after the ram raid third gang member Scott Lister pointed a handgun at terrified shop staff at Kingston Jewellers in Halifax, West Yorks

Just days after the ram raid third gang member Scott Lister pointed a handgun at terrified shop staff at Kingston Jewellers in Halifax, West Yorks

The car then makes a speedy getaway with thousands of pounds worth of jewellery.

The attack, which took place in June 2016, came just days after third gang member Scott Lister pointed a handgun at terrified shop staff at Kingston Jewellers in Halifax, West Yorks.,

Jailing the brothers, Judge Colin Burn said that the ram-raid style attack in Brighouse had involved the use of “overwhelming and intimidating force”.

“The owner of the shop was just coming through the shop from the back when he saw the front of his shop destroyed by this Jaguar car,” the judge told the men.

He said he accepted that William Cochrane was not carrying the imitation firearm during the earlier robbery in Halifax but it had been “an utterly terrifying minute” for the two women working at the shop.

The judge added that the brothers both knew that the robbery matters were extremely serious.

William Cochrane was jailed for a total of nine-and-a-half years after being convicted of robbery and possession of an imitation firearm.

Richard Cochrane, who admitted involvement in the Neimantas robbery, was jailed for a total of five years.

The court heard that the Cochrane brothers had amassed nearly 85 previous convictions for more than 200 offences over the last 25 years.

Barrister Emma Downing, for both men, said neither had any previous convictions for robbery matters.

The barrister added that Richard Cochrane had expressed his remorse for the offence he had committed at Neimantas jewellers.

Scott Lister was last month jailed for six years and nine months after he admitted offences of robbery and possession of an imitation firearm.

The court heard that at the time of the robberies the Cochrane brothers were already on bail for a burglary at the Lidl store in Sowerby Bridge.

They each received six-month prison sentences as part of their total jail terms for the burglary.

Detective Inspector Gary Stephenson of Calderdale CID said; “I hope that these sentences not only demonstrates to the public our continued commitment to tackling criminality across Calderdale, but also as a stark warning to those who target our communities.

“You are not welcome on our streets and we will do everything within our power to arrest those responsible and bring them to justice.

“I would also once again like to commend the selflessness shown by the public-spirited people of Brighouse as they made efforts to apprehend the suspects even though they were believed to have been in possession of weapons.

“Their bravery and courageous actions prevented further loss and assisted in the gathering of vital evidence.

“Brothers William and Richard Cochrane and Scott Lister now have time in prison to consider the consequences of their actions.”

The 65-year-old gran who foiled the robbery says colleagues have called a hero but her daughter has labelled her – a NUMPTY.

Sandra Bottomley working at her Chemists shop.

Sandra Bottomley working at her Chemists shop.

Gutsy Sandra Bottomley was closing up the adjacent pharmacy at 5pm when she rushed out and bravely tackled the two jewellery thieves.

But grandmother-of-two Sandra says she was labelled “a numpty” by her daughter for her brave actions – which ended up jailing the men for almost 15 years.

Sandra, who has worked at Rowlands Pharmacy as an Assistant Dispenser for over a decade, says she broke down after the incident and could not believe what she had done.

Sandra, who has lived in Brighouse, West Yorks., all of her life, said: “I just didn’t think and went straight up to them and dragged them both away.

“But then when I later thought about it – I totally broke down.

“I rang my daughter up and said I had done something foolish and without thinking – she then called me a numpty and asked me why I had done it.

“I don’t know why – but I’ve just been brought up that way. Some people would have run away, but not me.”

The crooks had smashed up the front of the shop so badly that all the glass had warped – trapping the staff inside the store while the robbers helped themselves to the jewellery at the front.

Speaking about the incident, Sandra said: “I heard this loud bang and I thought there had been an accident and then we went out while we were locking up.

“I immediately knew something had happened and I could see that Phil, who is the manager there, locked inside.

“I then grabbed both of them in turn, which must have startled them anyway and pushed them out.

“I was just telling them to go – and get out.

“The police the came and I gave a statement and then they got the two of them.”

Scott Lister, Richard Cochrane & William Cochrane

Scott Lister, Richard Cochrane & William Cochrane

But the jailing of the Cochrane brothers was just another brush with danger Sandra has witnessed.

In 1991, Sandra says she was also held up at gun point during a heist as she worked behind the counter of a newsagents – but on that occasion did not try any heroics.

Despite colleagues at the pharmacy naming her a hero, modest Sandra has brushed off the “Supergran” jibes.

Speaking about the fact she put her life on the liner at the jewellers, she said: “Thinking about it, there was a hammer laid there on the floor of the shop so you just don’t know what could have happened

“I’ve been brought up to stand-up for yourself and just carry on – I honestly did it without thinking.

“I completely broke down on the way home, I was really quite emotional.”

Richard Cochrane, 37, and his brother William Cochrane, 39, were jailed for five years and nine-and-a-half-years respectively following the raid.

SWNS_RAM_RAIDERS_13Asked about what she thought of the sentence, she said: “What they got is far too lenient considering their records and everything else.

“It’s just not enough – the jewellers was shut for months following all the damage.”

Sandra added: “I’m going to have to get rid of that red coat thought aren’t I – otherwise people will be knowing I was the one who put these two in jail.

“I’m sure people are going to call me ‘Supergran’ – but I really don’t want that.”

She added: “I know they come from a long line of wrong-uns – so I think it is best to keep my head down. ”

The manager of Niemantas Jewellers said he did not wish to comment on the incident.

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