Walkabout bar removes ‘sexist’ advert joking that beer makes women look THINNER

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Bar chain Walkabout was today branded ”sexist” and forced to remove a new online ad – which shows beer making women appear thinner.

The picture on its official Facebook page showed an overweight woman look like a slim stunner when viewed through a pint of lager.

Club chiefs offered a VIP night out to the customer posting the best caption to the photo – but were forced into removing it after it sparked a storm of outrage.


The advert on Walkabout bar's Facebook page which some people were offended by

The advert on Walkabout bar’s Facebook page which some people were offended by

Dr Marsha Scott, of women’s equality group Engender, said: “This promotion supplies the usual neanderthal male stereotype to support the exploitation and commodification of women’s bodies and sexuality.

“The message is especially reprehensible in Scotland, where we are trying hard to reduce our overconsumption of alcohol and disconnect drinking from social permission to behave badly, whether in a bar, at a football match, or in the home.

“We assume that most men would be as offended by this ad as we are. The manipulation of sex, gender roles, and women’s bodies to sell alcohol – and cars, and clothes, and pretty much any product one can imagine is shameful.”

The advert, for the Walkabout in Glasgow, yesterday infuriated local politicians who have asked for it to be removed.

Anne McTaggart, Glasgow MSP, said: “This is both crass and insensitive and hardly the type of campaign which puts our city in a positive light.

“Glaswegians know that real humour involves making people laugh not laughing at people.

“I’d ask the administrators of this Facebook page to recognise their mistake and remove this ad immediately.”

Dr Evelyn Gillan, Chief Executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland said: “Facebook and other social media is increasingly being used by alcohol producers and retailers to encourage people to drink more.

“This is worrying given the lack of regulation online, and much stricter controls are needed.

“This example uses particularly inappropriate imagery and innuendo, and we would urge the pub to withdraw the promotion immediately.

The boss of the Walkabout in Glasgow apologised for any offence caused by the Facebook advert.

Kevin Buchanan, manager of the bar on Renfield Street in the city, said: “I’m very sorry if we’ve offended anyone, our intention was purely to create a witty caption competition to win a VIP night out at Walkabout. There was definitely no offence meant.

“As soon as we realised the picture had upset some people, we immediately took it down from our Facebook page.

“On reflection, I can certainly see how the choice of image might have caused upset and using it was a mistake.

“We haven’t though received any complaints to date from any of our 2,500 facebook followers.

“We apologise again and remain dedicated to providing a safe, friendly and responsible environment for an awesome night out.”

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  1. Joe says:

    Oh dear!

    Sexist? Get a life.

    Dr Marsha Scott, of women’s equality group Engender, said: “This promotion supplies the usual neanderthal male stereotype”

    ‘usual neanderthal male’

    Oh the irony.

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