You fat crook: Thirty stone gang member arrested because he was too overweight to outrun police

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Victor Espinoza was too fat to outrun cops

Victor Espinoza was too fat to outrun cops

This 30 stone gang member is looking a little long in the face after being arrested – because he was too FAT to escape the police.

Victor Espinoza – who has jowels hanging down to his chest – is suspected of attempting to snatch a ten-year-old boy as he walked to soccer practice in Santa Ana, California.

He lured the lad close enough to grab him but the youngster wriggled free and alerted his football coach.

The brave coach chased after Espinoza and tackled him in the car park but he was unable to detain the 425lbs suspect, who waddled off into the night.

A police helicopter then located the 55-year-old in the back garden of a nearby property – but the suspect was too fat to scale the fence and escape.

He was then arrested without incident but had suffered minor injuries from an altercation with the football coach.

He was held on charges of false Imprisonment, child annoying and gang enhancements, as he was a documented gang member.

Police say they have dealing with the pest for 30 years, with the overweight gangster having been arrested more than 60 time on suspicion of drug possession, assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder

Santa Ana Police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said. “We believe that he was going to take the kid away.”

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